Textile Upcycled Product of the Week | The creativity of our graduates!

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Textile Upcycled Product of the Week


#ecoDesigned Garments

We’re upcycling textile offcuts to produce ecoDesigned Garments.

This ecodesigned garment shown above was made by one of our graduates and she presented it during her graduation ceremony to our guests to show the power of our creativity in fighting textile waste pollution.

You can learn more about the graduation of two of our pioneer trainees that held on Sunday 7th July 2019: https://steemit.com/needlework/@ecodesigns/we-graduated-two-ecofashion-entrepreneurs-or-ecodesigns-pioneer-graduation-ceremony
At @ecodesigns, we are collecting textile offcuts from Tailors and Fashion designers around the city of Bamenda and producing #ecoDesigned Garments.
The steps involved in the production of our ecodesigned garments include;

1. Collection of the textile offucts


2. Shaping and Sizing the textile offcuts to be of same sizes


3. Sewing the offcuts together to produce the #ecodesigned fabric. Once we have the #ecodesigned fabric made, we can now use it to sew our #ecodesigned garments.

ecodesigned fabric.jpg

4. Design, cut and sew the #ecodesigned garment of your choice.


Some of our #ecodesigned garments produced can be seen below.




We can do more but we lack materials and machines to increase our textile recycling and women empowerment project. We have 11 trainees and 02 Training Directors but have just 06 machines which are not enough for the 13 young girls who are striving to get empowered as well as clean-up the world. It is for this reason that @ecodesigns is striving to raise funds to purchase 7 machines so that we can double our productivity and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our textile recycling and fashion designing training.

Learn more about Ecodesigns at https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ecodesigns/introducing-ecodesigns-a-textile-recycling-and-fashion-designing-hub-that-is-empowering-young-women

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5. Support @ecodesigns on Fundition to purchase more equipment to train more women and girls in textile recycling and fashion designing hence contribute in reducing youth unemployment, inequalities and poverty, improve the health and wellbeing of people and contribute in cleaning up the environment.

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