How To Do A Tie Knot

in #fashion6 years ago (edited)

Hope you're having a productive thursday gents!

I don't know about you guys, but when it comes time to put on a tie I really struggle with tying the knot... After watching countless youtube videos it's still not that easy to perform.

I found a little hack. This infographic above shows clearly how to tie a knot. Tried it myself and it was actually easier.


If you ever need help come back to this post and it should help you :)

Hope you found this informative.

-Classy Dapper


Well, even if I'm not a man, maybe I would practice these ways to tie the knot one day. Thanks for sharing it!

My mom taught me when I was a teenager :p

man where do you get all this?

Ya know, I'd like to know how to tie a bow tie :)

Información que cura..! :D

Great post. I like this post.

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