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Hello lovelies! Today I am talking all about my Sunglasses Collection as well as some new editions that I received the other day from Fantas-eyes! The first three sunglasses in this video are all from Fantas-eyes and I think they are so cute! I can tell you right now you'll be seeing a lot of them on my blog and I can't wait to start adding them to my outfit posts!
Right now on their website they are having a sale if you use the coupon code NEW40 to receive 40% off your order!

In this video you may notice that I've been playing around more with different camera shots & colors. My brother Austin, got these really cool lights that can change color from this app on your phone. So with his help we were adding a lot of fun color to this video & I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I'm having a lot of fun putting more editing and camera shots into my videos and I hope that with each video the quality just keeps getting better and better.
ALSO when I went to go upload this video I saw on my YouTube channel that I hit 9,000 subscribers!! Thank you so much to everyone who watches my video and supports my channel, it really means a lot to me!


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*Fantas-eyes did send me these sunglasses as part of a review. I am not being paid to promote these products and wouldn't promote anything I didn't completely love! (:

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