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Hello lovelies! I'm pretty excited about today's outfit and that is because it is all full of new pieces! First let's start with this shirt. I recently got this adorable & oh so soft shirt from Shop Stevie and it's the best! This is actually the third time I've worn it this week, (not even sort of sorry.) I wore this shirt in a recent video I put up on my YouTube channel titled "20 Things I Learned By 20" if you want to check that out!

Shop Stevie is definitely one of my new favorite online boutiques, everything is so cute & affordable. Also they are currently looking for people as reps to sell their clothes! How cool?? You can get more information by going to their website & setting up a call with them if you're interested! -

For bottoms I have possibly the best and comfiest jeans I've ever worn from Simply Couture. Like, these are jeans that I would wear all day and I'm not someone who wears jeans all day. I'll usually go half the day and then change into sweat pants as soon as I get home, but as we speak I'm still wearing them from taking these photos.

Another highlight of this outfit are these sunglasses from Fantas-eyes. I've talked about these in previous posts but I want to be sure and link them in every post I mention them because they are just the best! I sometimes have a harder time finding sunglasses that look good on me but all of the ones that I've gotten from them are perfect!

If you couldn't tell by how much I'm gushing over all of these items, it's because when I find pieces I love I want to also share my love for them with all of my readers!

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So Cute!! I absolutely LOVE the shoes!

Thank you very much! (:

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