My Outfits For Tiki Oasis! And Save 30% Off Your Fashion Nova Purchase⭐️

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A couple of weekends ago my husband had the opportunity to once again play in a local festival for tiki enthusiasts called Tiki Oasis. It’s a yearly convention held here in So Cal at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley.
Well, I’m not a huge tiki fan but I always enjoy dressing up and getting to watch my husband play!
No way was I going to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a genuine vintage tiki style wardrobe I would most likely never wear again either.
That’s when Fashion Nova came to the rescue!
Fashion Nova is an online clothing retailer made famous by the likes of artists such as the Kardashian’s and Cardi B. The clothes is affordable fits well (specially if you have a round booty like me) and follows the current trends. Most importantly it’s comfortable!
Being comfortable was an important factor when seeing my husband play in one of the room parties!
The temperature was crazy yet I remained cool and cozy!
Yup, I’m pretty sure you or someone you know will enjoy the women and men’s clothing at Fashion Nova and if you use my LINK you’ll get 30% off your purchase!
I hope you share what you purchased with me soon!
To shop my wardrobe and get 30% off CLICK HERE
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Love the dress, as others said the tropical pattern looks great.

The tropical print suits you!


Aww thanks babe! It’s such a change from seeing myself wear stripes or black haha💜

Looking great hope your hubby will like this avataar of your's. Good luck dear God bless you
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Great choice you did at the nova store 👌! It fits very good to you. I love the summer flower 🌺 style of this dress 👍 haha and also good idea to wear a fitting flower in your hair! ... some man could get jealous on your husband 😉

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Thank you! I love wearing flowers in my hair!

OMG you look so gorgeous!!!!!


Thanks sweety! You’re too kind 🙈