You don't have to be antifa, but at least be antifascist.

in #fascistamerica2 years ago

With the supreme cheeto degrading the levels of liberty and justice in the USA it is especially important to make sure your core group is tight.

The mass shootings and bombings in the USA are largely being carried out by the extreme right wing, this is well documented.

A recent report found a congressman Matt Shea committed domestic terrorism when he coordinated with right wing extremists to conduct armed take overs of federal lands on three different occasions.

Imagine how differently a Muslim man who coordinated three armed occupations of federal lands would be treated. The fact that Matt Shea is walking around free today tells you everything you need to know about law and justice in the USA.

Meanwhile the guy who protected Jeffery Epstein and his fellow RAPIST pedophiles is the top law enforcement official of the USA.
How can we expect to receive equal protection under the law in this environment? We cannot. In the USA we live under the control of armed gangs in blue costumes. These class traitors use their so called authority to enforce laws with bias against people of color.

The USA is a racist nation of oligarchs. We accept this and embrace our own jailers by idly standing by in the face of ongoing genocide.

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