Poll:64 Ever Fart in an Elevator by accident or not?

in fart •  4 months ago


This is meant to be a more humorous question but these things actually happen to people everyday and funny or not it`s always funny to hear the story or not!

Share your opinion everyone has their own opinion and we believe your opinion is important to be heard so just leave a comment.

social media makes us a better wiser platform to be enjoyed by the world. Your voice is instrumental and your Opinion has a value now and later on so please leave an appropriate comment most times even a yes or no is helpful thank you.

  • please refer your comments to the question being polled thanks again for your opinion.

Poll:64 Ever fart in an Elevator by accident or not?

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#Poll:64 Ever fart in an Elevator by accident or not?

can't say that i remember and if i did

i would deny everything :p