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hello steemians, how are you all day, see me again @urengjamen here I want to talk a little about long bean farming.

farm friends all become farmers, in my opinion it is a very noble job, why is it that being a farmer is of high dignity unlike people who beg on the edge of the highway.

friend farmer if you all like to cultivate long beans, I think you may read my post, and if there are errors in the writing I hope you understand it and I'm sorry.

Long beans are one of the plants that very many people cultivate, because the benefits of these long beans are quite a lot, the price of long beans in the market can reach 10Rp-15Rp, so to be as large as that is very serious to raise us to cultivate it.

Before we discuss further, I will explain as little as the benefits of long beans, all farmer friends as we know that panajng beans are of course very many benefits and also long beans are one of the vegetables that are very tasty when cooked, and can also be processed as medicine medicine.


if you want to plant long beans, prepare the land first, prepare with the widest possible area.

plow the land and provide basic fertilizer

who are the quality and fresh seeds.

after everything has been prepared, then start the long bean seeds and water the seeds in every two days of rice morning and evening.

then if the age of the beans has reached 15, give manure and stimulant fertilizer, so that the long beans grow quickly and bear fruit.

Friends, that's all the way to grow long beans, if you like this, don't overflow to support it, and don't forget to follow @urengjamen so you can see the latest posts from @urengjamen.

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Happy farming we @farms wish you success and pray for bigger and massive harvest on your beans farm.


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)