Local farmers using animal dung spray on crops to avoid crop destruction by animals.

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Some crop varieties are often exposed to animal destruction such as maize, potatoes, bean etc. Animals such as goats, cattle, sheep have often poses conflicts between farmers and grazers especially in developing countries. These animals often move about in search of pasture especially during the dry season when most vegetation is dry.
However, indigenous farmers being resourceful and eager to prevent their crops from being destroyed by these sames animals thus have improvised in using dung on these crops.

Interestingly, animal dung (especially ) that of goats is collected, dried and grind. After grinding, it is then sieved and a quantity of 50-75 grams is mixed in a 15L spraying cann and apply on the said crops in rural communities.
This should be done during periods of good weather so as not to risked it been washed immediately by rain. This is because it has to stick or get glued on the crop as it is the cent that scares these animals from eating the leaves of these crops. This is however credible to see how farmers use indigenous resources to safeguard their crops.

It will also serve as foliar manure thus boost crop production. Application cycles or rounds can be developed to suit the frequency of these animals on the farms. This however does not work for diseases and as such it can be combined with pesticides or better still separate applications equally be done. The farmer-grazer problems in developing countries have always led to conflicts between these communities and this will go a long ways to have curb down as well as fencing of farms with wind breaks(which are trees). It is usually downgrading as to visit your farm only to see that crops have been destroyed by animals, this because farmers and grazers need to live side by side as such alternative solutions as this are always very important. I was very much amazed when i learnt about this from a n indigenous farmer, and understood that they are always full with great ideas, we only need to encourage them as well as improve on such ideas. They are always very intelligent and smart as well.
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This should be the best method for fighting against pesticides because it is not harmful to both plant and humans..... thanks for sharing.


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

Yes of course Sir, it is really wonderful and awesome method worth practicing.

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