family gardens, as livelihoods

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Family gardens are small spaces of land that are used in the house to grow edible plants, although they can also be made in pots or in any other container, such as cans, bags and wooden boxes, and then placed in a place where there are Light, like the balconies. The orchards represent a means for the production of food for our own consumption, so they are very useful in the home, especially when there is a family economic problem, so we can say that the family gardens are a means of subsistence in times of crisis, because that gives us the opportunity to obtain healthy and low-cost products and, at the same time, we will have food very close to us.

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In many countries with inflationary economies, wages and salaries suffer a progressive deterioration that forces housewives to look for certain mechanisms to stretch their income, among which are home gardens, which allow planting some indispensable plants in the kitchen and , therefore, avoid buying condiments or plants. Vegetables in supermarkets, which would represent a saving of money for the family budget.

What is a home garden?

To make a garden we only need a small plot of land in our house to plant the plants we want to have, one of the ideal places are the gardens of the house, there we can grow our vegetables directly in the ground; But if we don't have a garden at home, we can also make the potted crops and place them in a place where there is enough light for the plants to perform photosynthesis.


Importance of family gardens.

  • It allows the family to obtain fresh vegetables, much fresher than those bought in the supermarket, and the cost of the vegetable is much cheaper than buying them, therefore, money is saved.

  • It is a means in which the family can guarantee the self-supply of some basic products in the kitchen, such as: lettuce, parsley, chives, garlic, basil, carrots, paprika and many other small foliage vegetables.

  • The garden is a space where the whole family learns to value and love plants, especially for children.

  • The products we produce in the garden are healthier, since they do not contain substances harmful to health.

"If you have space to build your own garden, you can do so by ensuring the quality of your food; at the beginning, I told you that if we did not have land in the house, we could also plant green leafy vegetables or any other potted vegetable , so we just need a little desire and effort, in order to enjoy a garden."

Benefits of growing our own food in orchards.

  • Enjoy better tasting foods, each time we harvest them to consume them, they will be foods with a level of freshness that we would not obtain in any store or store, which gives a unique flavor to your food and the preparations you decide to do with them .

  • Take care of your body, you will also have to move a little more to plant, water and harvest your food so you can exercise your body.

  • With the orchards we will reduce food waste, since we will be motivated to eat more vegetables that we have grown with our own effort and the time that we will not waste, it can also be an excellent way to motivate the little ones.


  • Sowing at home you take care of the environment, since with this cultivation system you can reduce pesticides and fertilizers that end up in the soil and water.

Growing at home is to have food within our reach, you just need to be clear about some basic concepts about crops and gradually learn from our experience. An urban garden is about having a space dedicated to planting and harvesting food with the fundamental objective of preserving the benefits of nature, making the best of it without having large amounts of land, so decide and start building your own home garden.


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