It seems easy to water your plants, know the correct way

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Hello brothers, one of the important elements to have an adequate crop, is the water supply, which must have a balance, because if we are in excess or defect, both conditions cause damage to the plant, so I think important to share with you these tips about watering plants for those who do not know them, and so they will have beautiful fruits.


One of the most important tasks that must be carried out in the garden is, without a doubt, to water the plants. There are many factors that contribute to the type of irrigation that is required, such as the climate or the species of plant, grass or shrub mainly. However, there are certain rules that must be followed if you want your garden or patio to look beautiful at any time of the year.

Tips to follow:

1-Water at dusk or early in the morning

When the water cools the soil in the evening or night, it evaporates less than when the soil is hot during the day and the plants can be supplied with water before the next day's heat arrives.

The worst time to water the plants is at noon. The hours in which there is greater solar exposure are not good for supplying nutrients to our plants. He thinks that, because of sunstroke, the water evaporates more quickly, which causes the plant not to receive all the necessary food to stay healthy and strong.

2-Maintain uniform humidity.

Most plants depend on uniform humidity. However, drying before watering promotes the growth of plant roots.

3-Water less frequently but thoroughly.

In the flower bed, one or two watering sessions per week are usually sufficient: water is better less often, but with plenty of water instead of a little water often.

4-Keep the leaves dry.

The wet leaves become diseased leaves. If it stays moist during the night, it can lead to mold on the leaf. Leaves that are left wet in the sun can develop mild burn marks.

5-Give the correct amount of water.

Irrigation requirement means that enough water must reach the roots. Little water often only covers the top centimeters of the soil - or even reaching them at all, for example, when there is a mulch that covers the ground and too little watering. Irrigation requirement also means that crop plants are particularly dependent on uniformly moist soil especially until their crops are ripe for harvest (for example: the formation of roots and bulbs (carrots, potatoes), leaf (basil), heads (cauliflower, lettuce) or fruit (tomato and other fruits).

6-Give large amounts of water in parts.

Water needs a moment to be absorbed by the earth. Before wasting precious water and letting it flow unused, it is better to water repeatedly in parts.

7-Water with a goal but distributed.

Watering always the same point of the root only one leads to the growth of the roots on one side and therefore to a poor absorption of nutrients in the soil. So you always have to water around the plant and distribute throughout the area.

8- Water in a way that saves water.

Water as much as necessary and as little as possible. This is simplified with an automatic irrigation system with a humidity sensor - on the balcony and on the lawn.
9- Avoid waterlogging.

Flooded water suppresses the air that reaches the roots - root cells drown without oxygen.

10-Use quality soil, rich in clay.

The earth rich in clay minerals has better properties and therefore can retain water better and in a more uniform way. In humid summers and in winter, make sure the water drains well to prevent waterlogging.

11-Take advantage of rainwater, which, moreover, is the most beneficial.

If the garden has automatic irrigation, disconnect it when it rains and remove the plants that we have at home.

Since there are so many factors that must be taken into account, it is impossible to establish fixed rules regarding the frequency and flow of irrigation. However, there are a number of guidelines that should be known because they are of decisive importance when establishing the most appropriate regime.

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