FARMS: Meet the Faisan, a beautiful bird

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This bird, which is included in the gallinaceous family, is striking for its plumage and color; lives in European territory.


The pheasant is an extravagant bird of Asian origin whose scientific name is Phasianus Colchicu. It is characterized by its colorful colors and stylized silhouette.

It lives in the great forests existing in the world and has a great preponderance in the European territory. The gallinaceous family belongs and has very particular characteristics that we will describe next.

Characteristics of the pheasant
The male of the pheasants is about 90 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms. Its plumage is brighter and more striking than that of the female, its predominant colors are red and yellow (with some nuances), blue, green and brown.

The pheasant sheds its fur during the first two months of life, usually in the month of September. Before reaching one year, it can reach its permanent size and plumage, as well as its reproductive maturity.

The female of the pheasants is considerably smaller, its average height is 63 centimeters and it is estimated that its approximate weight is 0.9 kilograms. Its plumage is brown.

These subtle differences distinguish the male pheasant from the female; however, both have characteristics in common. Its head is small and round and its bone structure closely resembles that of chickens.
The pheasant is distinguished by its long and thin tail and its legs are gray. It is a very agile and majestic animal. The wings of this bird are round, wide and short, which allows them to fly vertically and reach a height of up to 10 meters in just seconds.

Pheasant behavior

The pheasant is a polygamous and gregarious bird. This terrestrial animal, that is, most of the time walks and runs freely, although it also has the ability to fly short distances.

The pheasant quickly associates humans with risk and is often very clever not to be hunted. However, when he is in captivity he does not show any fear before them, but they are usually aggressive with those who take care of them.

They thrive on their growth and development more in open fields and fields with cereals. They are birds that are fond of walking on the ground and frequently take dirt baths. Another characteristic feature is that the pheasant climbs trees to sleep, because that is where it feels protected.

Its reproduction period starts in the months of March and April. During this time, the males begin to defend their territory by moving their wings and singing. The female lays about 14 eggs and then has an incubation stage of 23-25 days. Chicks are usually born during the month of May or June.

The pheasant feeds on vegetables and animal remains; Insects, worms and snails, as well as seeds, fruits and leaves are an important part of your diet. It is interesting to know that in the gastronomic field, pheasant meat is highly valued due to its softness and the low amount of fat it contains.

The habitat of the pheasant

The pheasant is usually found in areas linked to hunting farms. In order to reproduce with complete freedom, they tend to frequent countries that have two key elements, the grasslands near ponds or lakes and forests with low vegetation.

It is found in cultivated and scrub lands throughout Europe, where you can see all the specimens coming from different areas of southern Russia, as well as Asia. The pheasant is the most widely distributed game bird in the world, as they are also found in North and South America.

This particular bird usually inhabits nests that build on earth. Generally, among the vegetation of rural areas or on the edges of wooded areas and just below the trees.

As we have seen, it is a bird closely linked to hunting. For this reason, many animal sectors are currently in search of the release of the beautiful pheasant in the natural environment and for its conservation.


I hope you liked it, to know about this beautiful bird.


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