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This is the time one would appreciate the efforts put into any farm. The time when you see your labor becomes an harvest.

Yesterday we harvested seven bunches of plantain from our farm and there are still more to come till the end of the year and beyond.

I don't intend to sell any part of it for some cash because i want to be the first partaker of our farm produce. Though we had someone who wanted to buy all. I would enjoy it while the stock last. By the time i start harvesting twenty and more at once then i can start selling.


More pineapples are fruiting already and we had to harvest just one. Newly planted cassava are not left out. They are sprouting perfectl.


I am happy to see that the farm is doing well. It gets better each time we visit the farm. A few stems of ugwu was harvested for our consumption. This is what every home should be enjoying, their own farm produce.


I thank God for the harvest. He causes the inccrease and multiplies the fruit of our labour.

I am @gloeze


Wonderful!!!! Indeed this would a great year plentiful harvest.... congratulations @gloeze we @farms is help with your process and plantain project.

SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

Thank you so much @farms. I appreciate your help.

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Thank you so much.

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(Dignity of man through labour),and when you see what you laboured for doing well you have that sense of self satisfaction .

Kudos to you as you progress as a farmer .

Thank you. It is a dream come true.

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