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In many developing and underdeveloped countries, there is a huge declination in the combating of poverty rate i.e the rate of poverty is on the constant rise.

With the most recent project on steemchurch @farms, the mandate and quest to combat poverty through the agricultural sector is currently a priority of at farms. With this thoughtful aim placed in the heart of @sirknight and @abiye, @farms brings the first ever on blockchain AGRO-EMPOWERMENT SCHEME.

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This motive is to assist steemchurch parishioners to achiever their agronomic dreams. This impact would provide evidence on what works for protecting, providing and improving the economic state of steemchurch parishioners thereby inviting agricultural investors to steemchurchfarms.

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Any agricultural aspirant of the steemchurch community hoping to startup a business in the agricultural sector but lacks certain key ingredients for setup should create an article properly stating:

• his/her intentions,
• draft out the plan,
• state how it can generate income,
• site how the establishment can help others,
• prepare a pro-forma business plan of agricultural enterprise of any choice
• indicate how @farms, steemchurch and parishioners can be of assistance
The aspirant must have necessary requirement which is a passion for agriculture and the will to help others

@farms would assist in any of the following areas

• donation of funds
• improving the supply of services
• improving the use of services
• helping parishioners utilize and maximize potential in the agricultural sector
• encouraging parishioners to grow together in accountability
• facilitating agricultural market opportunities

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• it reduces the poverty rate of steemchurch parishioners and people around them
• it serves as an opportunity to increase the use of @farms and @steemchurch tag
• it develops the potential of steemchurch parishioners in the agricultural sector
• it helps people to be self-reliant and invest in their future


farming and all agriproducts (fish farming, crop plantation, pig farming, poultry, etc)


• Resteem and upvote this post to aid rebroadcasting and ensure it reaches everyone ( create a difference today)

• Agricultural aspirant should drop the link of there proposal on the comment section


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It gives great joy to know that steemchurch and @farms as well as @abiye has the well-being and prosperity of people at heart. @farms would turn out to be the largest empowerment initiative on blockchain.


@Steemchurch is going beyond feeding the souls, now advancing to feeding the body via @farm.
More blessings>>>>

Oh wowwwww

@steemchurch is a BLESSING!!!!

This comes from God, thanks to @sirknight which, guided by God, is the creator of these incredible projects that bring food to many.

This is an amazing concept @farms initiative is really going to feed the world, there are a whole loft of subsistence farmers on the blockchain, especially those from eastern Nigeria, I do not know about The world and beyond, but I'm sure this will be a great way to commercialize food produce in all ramification.

@farms I've been expecting this kind of initiative. Thank God it's here on steemit. I really want to go into livestock farming and fisheries. Soon I will post my plan and how it will work out. Thanks for bringing this project on.

I am fascinated with this project, and every day I learn a little more about agriculture

@farms is going to liberate the world from poverty and hunger. Thanks to our leader @sirknight for this initiative.

Already resteemed for more people to see

No doubt Steem is bigger than we first imagined
Steem Church is practically preaching the gospel
Great job @farms

Wow! what a great campaign sir leader @sirknight, God will continue to guide you even more. steemit feeding the world.

Brothers @farms, I have no doubt that this steemchurch farm project, (@farms), will revolutionize agriculture in the community of Steemchurh, there may be many parishioners who own land, but lack the knowledge to undertake some cultivation or business, to For that reason, I congratulate the farms again, for supporting all those ideas, I will also continue contributing my knowledge through my publications on agricultural issues, because I have faith in this wonderful project.

God is good all the time¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ @steemchurch and @farms is amazing

It gives incredible euphoria to realize that steemchurch and @farms and @abiye has the prosperity and flourishing of individuals on a basic level. @farms would end up being the biggest strengthening activity on blockchain.

This is an astonishing idea @farms activity is extremely going to sustain the world, there are an entire space of subsistence agriculturists on the blockchain, particularly those from eastern Nigeria, I don't think about The world and past, yet I'm certain this will be an awesome method to popularize nourishment deliver in all repercussion.

This originates from God, on account of @sirknight which, guided by God, is the maker of these mind boggling ventures that bring nourishment to many.

@farms I've been expecting this sort of activity. Express gratitude toward God it's here on steemit. I truly need to go into animals cultivating and fisheries. Before long I will post my arrangement and how it will work out.
sir pioneer @sirknight, God will keep on guiding you much more. steemit encouraging the world.

I'm speechless to see how SteemChurch has grown and will continue to grow since its objective is to help those most in need, parishioners are not alone

Blessings to my brothers in Steemchurch for doing good things every day for the progimo, our beloved @sirknight and @abiye for this beautiful initiative to help the low income, parishioners feel blessed that God has not forgotten, is the one Merciful God

This is a stunning idea @farms activity is extremely going to nourish the world, there are an entire space of subsistence ranchers on the blockchain, particularly those from eastern Nigeria, I don't think about The world and past, however I'm certain this will be an incredible method to popularize sustenance create in all repercussion.

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Wow lovely
Steemchurch is blessed

Very nice plan, in my country Nigeria where property is rampant. We have good lands for agriculture, already doing the little I can Inorder to eradicate proverty in my area to some extends.

I was really motivated by #steemchurch courtsey of @steemfarm.

Kindly support me by upvoting me.
I will be releasing my plans and achievements so far in my next series of post.
Kindly follow me @orisfina.

God be with you all, one love

What a happiness to see this type of projects in aid of the progimo, this is a great blessing for those most in need. God bless you

The steemchurch @farms project is undoubtedly a laudable one, which intended is to empower throngs of people, agricultural producers and consumers on the block chain and across the globe.