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With the current rate of economic collapse, corruption, hyper-inflation and man's destruction all pointing to the endtime, it is left for us to make the world a better place.... There is still hope for humanity.

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Operation feed the starving children

Our beloved @steemchurch has thought of several ways to make a difference and create changes around us and make the world a better place of our children's unborn.........

How do we plan to achieve this?..... This can only be accomplished if we all walk together as body of christ and play our individual roles, a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean...

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#Heavenbread -Few days ago our sister managing steemchurch Venezuela wrote a post on heaven bread with the primary aim of making readly available food for children starving within the country, Also plans has been made to educate the children in food preparation and planning and we @farms are in total support of this project and promise to educate the local communities on homestead.

your responsibility

Your duties as a steemian and parishioners of @steemchurch..... the call has been made, who is on the lord side, who will do his will, who will fight the good fight of faith and save humanity...

It is up to us to spread the good news and support this project

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It is amazing when we look back to how God leads His people. When God gave @sirknight the vision of @farms that steem will feed the world, we never knew that God in His foreknowledge did that to prepare @steemchurch for the #heavenbread project.

I have no worries because God with @farms, there is hope for Venesuela children.

Long Live @sirknight
Long live @steemchurch
Long live @darlenys
Long live @sc-v
Long live @farms

God is really using steemchurch to heal the world and I must say this God is truly with us..

God will continue to bless @sirknight

Quite a great initiative. Feeding the hungry. I can say this is what God called us to do and am encouraged that @steemchurch is placing a priority on this. God bless @sirknight and every other person behind the #heavenbread project

Indeed steem through @farm is going to feed the world.

So true @farms. The Mighty have ways to fight hunger and they do not do it because their heart is not satiated with money, they want more or more. In steemchurch we seek to make a difference to raise awareness about human needs!

Steem will definitely feed the world!

It is very true we must all collaborate.

Such a good project deserves eve

I am convinced beyond measure that our God will perfect this awesome work of grace that he has started, #Heavenbread through the hands of our dear soldier of God @sirknight, our beautiful and heavenly lifted hearted sister and Apostle @darlenys, and @farms a predestined vision of our @sirknight to reclaim the world for God through food. What more can i say that may the overwhelming hand of the year almighty strengthen this precious and rare gift to humanity at this challenging times of human existence.
God bless you all. Cheers.

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