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Greetings to all my beloved community of @farms.

Today I am very excited because after being absent for two months, today I am back. Very happy because during the course of these months I was able to capture the growth, cultivation and harvest of some of my projects. Three months ago I transplanted some aji criollo plants and today I am harvesting my harvest, totally healthy, fresh and without chemicals.

By @dulce85

By @dulce85

By @dulce85

After transplanted the chili plants, the month begins to flower and then it is necessary to wait between 3 and 4 months to start harvesting. There is a great variety of peppers with different colors and flavors, the ones I planted are chile peppers, they are green and they turn red as they ripen.

Here I show you an image to observe how the plant blooms.

By @dulce85

By @dulce85

It is a plant widely used as an ingredient in different dishes around the world, for its exceptional flavor and some with its spicy touch that gives a bit of mischief to our cuisine, is widely used in cooking mainly for the preparation of stews.

Almost all varieties of peppers are relatively small plants of 50 centimeters to 1 meter in height, as you can see in the photos, my plants are not very large, they must measure 80 centimeters approximately. It is important to mention that you need little care, requires lighting for proper development and irrigation, much more in the summer months.

This is how the process of starting the growth of my peppers begins.

By @dulce85

By @dulce85

Plant loaded with peppers.

By @dulce85

By @dulce85

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Well done we @farms find this post informative and educative, thanks for sharing


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)


thank you @farms, time without greeting them. Very happy and pleased to be back to our big family. Always grateful for all the support you have given me. 😉 😊