Ant cattle, make money!

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Image Source - PUBI KROTO FARM

Do you know if ants become a business field in Indonesia?

Yes, many people in Indonesia maintain ants. To take the eggs, and ant eggs then sold for bird feed. The price of 1 kilo gram of ant eggs reaches one hundred thousand rupiah, it can even depend more on the quality of the ant egg itself.

Image Source - PUBI KROTO FARM

Because of that, many people start to maintain ants, because Indonesia is one of the countries with the most bird fans in the world. Therefore, ant eggs are needed by bird lovers there.

Bird enthusiasts there believe that giving ant eggs as the main bird feed can make their birds healthy, aggressive and strong singing. This is very necessary for the preparation of their birds that will be taken to the festival or bird contest. Because of that, the bird hobbyists there are not reluctant to buy ant eggs even though the prices are quite expensive, for their hobby they are satisfied.

Then, how do they keep ants so they produce lots of eggs, do they take many ants and let them live and grow in the trees around their homes or gardens? Not!

This is how they maintain ants:

I. The first step, the ant nest is taken entirely from the tree. This is necessary because so that all types of ants do not escape being caught. As we know, ants consist of: guard ants, worker ants, male ants and ant queens as laying ants. As for how to catch it, by putting it in a plastic bag or jute all of the ant nests, after that do not forget the bag is tied or closed so that the ant does not run away.

Image Source - PUBI KROTO FARM

II. The second step, the ant that has been captured is then placed in a wooden cage that resembles a chicken coop. Use used drink bottles. Within 2 days, ants will enter the used drink bottle, so they will lay eggs there. So that the ant does not run away, out of the cage. Use a bottle filled with water or oil at the foot of the cage.

III. The last step is to feed and drink ants. Ants love crickets, grasshoppers and worms. As for the drink, give sugar or honey water.

Image Source - PUBI KROTO FARM

If the 3 methods above have been done well, just wait for a matter of days. Ants will lay eggs and develop well. Good luck! :)

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Thanks for teaching us today, we have never been aware of the possibility of earning from ants..... amazing publication we are glad to have come cross this post.


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Thank you very much @farms

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