Photos Of My Whole Fish Farm And Review

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Hello steemians am super excited to share photos of my farm as demanded by our leader and father in this beautiful community @sirknight

Below are photos of ever section of my pond, i started my fish farm quest with 2ponds, and both ponds has the ability of storing 500 fishes.

As time goes on, i was able to setup another extra 2 ponds making a total of ponds each has same capacity of housing 500 fishes each.

As for the new pond which am still building and yet to complete due to the fact that there is no more available funds on my hand for now and i am saving up to ensure the completion of the pond and hopefully to stock a total of 2000 fishes

I believe steem will feed the world one small farm at a time, my proposal is to have at least 2000 fishes on my fish farm and make fishes readly available for local market trader's in my community and with time i am sure of achieving it


Looking back and seeing how it all started and how much achievement you have been put to pull out pleases us.... we @farms is delighted and proud of your @abiye keep up the good work.


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

Try of joy feel my heart, am grateful to God almighty for using everyone here to support my fish project

We mice love this project friend Abiye.

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Am so happy to see my two little friends, thanks for stopping by to say hi😊

Beautiful work brother Abiye, God bless the works of your hands. Multiply your finances and @farms feed the world.

A very big amen..thanks for the wishes @emiliocabrera you are doing a work @steemchurch keep the fire burning

So proud of you mate!


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Its an honor hearing this from you and i appreciate those words..... my Greetings and regards you and your family

Excelent Apóstle..

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