Golden melon in Nigeria

in farms •  4 months ago 

Hello steemians happy new month, its the 8th month of the year 2019 I'm excited to be among the Lucky people who are entering into this new month but more excited to be favoured to enter it with you. Happy new month to us.

Let me officially welcome you to my blog where i post agricultural related articles and share rare images of agricultural plants and crops. In today post i would be share images of Golden melon.

We know that melons are usually green plant with unique taste, but earlier this week i discovered that melon can still come in golden colors and both type and colors of melon has similar structure.

images (95).jpeg

images (96).jpeg

My question today is; has anyone seen this type of melon before, and would you have to have a taste of it, would you still prefer the green melon compare to the golden one.

images (97).jpeg

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Now this is one plant @farms is definitely going to research about, thanks for sharing this informative and educative post with us today.


SteemChurch Farm (@farm)