Date Fruit in Nigeria

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Hi steemians, who is happy to see another beautiful new day filled with hope and love, its no new news as i post agricultural related articles daily on my blog, as i welcome new readers to my blog.

In today post i would be sharing an insight on date fruit, date fruit is also know or refer to as date or date palm, this amazing plant was first discovered in Egypt and can now be found in other part of the world, date fruit is a flowering plant species in the palm family, and they are usually cultivated for its edible sweet fruit called(Date fruit).


Unlike all other plants, the date fruit has two harvesting season in one year, this amazing fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and essential for healthy lifestyle as it helps to fight against diseases within our body.

The storage facilities set out for this amazing plant can be best achieved by preserving the dates fruits by leaving them on the bunch on layers of wood that is equally supported by mesh wire in a well air ventilated place, and they could last for more than a year without a problem under such condition.

images (85).jpeg


Thanks for sharing this insightful post about data fruit we have indeed learnt from this post and find it of great value to this community.


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