Decentralized Urban Farming - Growing Food at Home Made Easy

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Money means access to resources. Resources are calories and carats. Needs and wants. One way to save up on cash is to grow your own food. Even better if you can take the plunge to be a vegetarian. Self-sustaining becomes easier, and you no longer have to rely on work to survive. Quit your job, be a vegetarian, and start working on your passion projects! It's extreme, but a friend of mine happily made that leap!

In the future, everybody should be able to utilize vacant spaces in their homes to grow their own herbs and vegetables - reducing the need for import and the need to rely on centralized distributors. Local communities should be able to trade and barter easily. With optional sensors built into consumer urban farming plots, data-collection and scientific research can be done large-scale for both individuals and institutions. Blockchain-powered, of course.

With our growing initiative here in Malaysia - something that we're currently calling Garden Worlds, pretty much in the bootstrapping, hands-on stages - our core product is simple. It's an all-in-one compact urban farming kit for home owners. It ensures ease of growing herbs and vegetables, with self-watering system and the optional set of sensors for renting / selling out data for distributed research purposes. Failure to grow is not an option - our guidance is guaranteed until our customers become master farmers!

Our main targets are busy young working adults. Stay-at-home parents already have the time and know-how to grow their own stuff.

The goal is to enable social micro-trading and bartering within communities and with adjacent communities, with less reliance on the work-for-food paradigm. If anyone else is doing this elsewhere, anywhere in the world, please contact me - [email protected]. Let's share our knowledge and see how far we can bring this concept into every home.

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Nice. I think it is really great for city dwellers in terms of food security. In Singapore, there is also a hype on rooftop farming since Singapore is really reliant on food imports. Looking forward to updates on Garden Worlds!

Wonderful post! I am excited to see how this develops in Malaysia. I think each individual creating their own food sovereignty is the is the key to our future. You might find the projects happening at La Via Campesina interesting:

Thanks for the kind words! As usual, we can design the concept all we want, but it's about user behaviour in the end. And we intend to make it -flow- we are iteratively changing our designs all the time. Thanks for the link - seems to be well fitted for the idea :)