Satoshi and Tokyo’s Eggs - The Jumbo Pekin Ducks are Laying

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Satoshi and Tokyo’s Eggs

The Jumbo Pekin Ducks are Laying

Satoshi and Tokyo started laying eggs a couple of weeks ago. Above you can see an assortment of eggs I’ve received over the last week. Jumbo Pekin Ducks generally start laying between 16 and 22 weeks old. Satoshi and Tokyo were on their 19th week when I first started seeing eggs. When they first start laying, the eggs can be a bit funky as they begin to regulate their ovulation. Sometimes a “fart egg” comes out, which is a tiny, little egg, usually missing a yolk. Other times the egg will come out with a flimsy, “rubber” shell. This means it’s time to increase their calcium intake.


For the most part, the ducks lay between 6 AM and 8 AM, but one day I was out in the yard watching them graze around 4 PM and noticed Satoshi popped out a thin-shelled rubber egg. These are not very edible, so it went straight to the compost pile. Most of the larger eggs that the ducks have been laying are double-yolkers as you can see from the skillet picture 🍳 . @felixxx pointed out that this is most-likely due to a high protein intake. While I certainly don’t mind the double yolk eggs, I have switched from starter feed to layer feed over the last few weeks, which should help the normalize the egg production.


Since they started laying, I’ve been getting 1 or 2 eggs a day. It’s been rare to see none. I haven’t had to go to the store to buy eggs in a while now. The larger eggs are the perfect fit for a hard roll, making them great eggs for a breakfast sandwich. It’s also said that duck eggs make for great baking! If you’ve never had duck eggs before, they are very similar in taste to chicken eggs, the key difference is that the egg whites are a bit more firm and “meatier” and the yolks are a bit more thick and rich. They fetch a bit more money since they tend to be harder to find at the grocery store.


Eventually I might add a few more ducks to the flock and sell Jumbo Duck eggs at the local farmers market by the 4-pack. I’ll name the company “Satoshi’s Eggs” and accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments (HIVE and PoB of course) for the eggs. Perhaps if I figure out a secure and affordable way to package them, I’d be able to overnight ship them around the continent! We shall see... for now I’ll be enjoying the massive omelettes.


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