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My dad gets a few different agricultural magazines and publications in the mail. When he's done reading through them, he enjoys giving them to my husband to look through. I thought I'd flip through them myself and share any interesting articles that caught my eye.

Image of article taken from AgWeek's issue Aug. 5, 2019

I found this one interesting to read. The first one about barns simply made me shake my head. These 4 perspectives just show us how important effective communication is between different groups of people. You just won't fully understand the other side unless you take the time to talk and listen to them, and maybe even take a walk in their shoes for a bit.


And yet no matter how much you tell them they still won't believe it! Theyalsoo have no idea just how much they really do need those farmers!

Thanks for sharing @hebrewhousewife , nice to see you posting again!

That's right! I grew up on a farm and it still took me a few years to learn how to garden. Can you imagine your average person trying to grow all their own food? Those animal farmers are even more important. Sure some can grow gardens, but most don't have the means to grow meat, which I believe is neccessary to sustain life.
Ok, I digress! Thanks, @simms50! Nice to be back. Hey btw, whats palnet and is it worth getting into?

You said.." Those animal farmers are even more important." And I'm sure that @bowentroyer would agree with you!!!

As fpr palnet, to be honest I am not really all that sure. I think it is another community on steemit. Unless you want to spend more time researching it then I guess I would say that it is not worth getting into right now! Then again...up to you!

It is hard to understand why people think that farmers us barns to harm their livestock. Since they work for those same animals, HARD; why would they switch from nurturing, and do harm instead?

I agree that what a Farmer does is his business, and unenlightened people should leave him alone!

Explaining to the uneducated is a wise way to handle neighbors, but the government has Zero business in farming. It is outside their authority anyway!

BTW, Thanks again for the help when the hard fork hit! It was a nice thing to do, and I didn't realize it was still there; but it got me out of RC Jail, LOL! Posting every day has dragged me out of risk now, so I am trying to help some new accounts myself.

Be Blessed!


I think some of it stems from media potrail. There's a death culture out there, and ridding the farmer would further death due to starvation. Well that's my opinion anyways.
Hey you're welcome! It was no big deal!

Yes, thry are determined to save the planet by mass starvation. It is ironic that the most at risk people, are those who support this; yet they will be the first to starve....

Steemit seems to be dead set on hurting new accounts. Have you looked at palnet or weku?

Stay blessed!


I have heard of both, but when weku came out, it seemed to be during a time when everyone was chasing the next-best-thing. I just don’t have time for that. I have a limited amount of time and don’t want to spread myself thin. But what’s the deal with palnet? Seems like a lot of people are using it. What are the benefits?

Palnet is tied directly into the steemit blockchain. A post on steemit, will be reflected on palnet to make crypto there too. They have made their own coinage through steemit, as was intended. Tie them together, and they are pretty much independent posters on palnet. It gives you another income source from the same post.

Weku is similar, but not automatic. A LOT of friends left steemit, and moved to weku. I do both, mostly when I am relaxing. Weku accelerates rep numbers, to quickly bring you up to steemit levels, then it is up to you. With reusing my posts I am at (76) and $10650.00 on weku since November. It is pre launch, so gains are higher.

I will stay on both, and let palnet run on auto.

Be Blessed!

ha! Never underestimate the ignorance of people! That's a great article, I'm glad you shared that. It's so true that most people in our time are totally clueless about farming and raising animals.

Every person should be required to spend some time on a farm! lol. Afterall, they have a vested interest in the subject if they eat food so they should be willing to do that. I think you ought to start a program like that up there!

Hey, have you checked out esteem yet? It pains me to see you earning nothing on your posts. Esteem is free, just download and app for your desktop or phone and you get a very generous upvote for a post every day. Usually 40 to 60 cents. Plus they started a program where we earn tokens also.

Lol! It sure is something! Oh. People are definitely interested in how their food is raised. The problem is that they aren't getting their information directly from the source! They should visit local farm and talk with the farmer in person. Not just watch some "carefully" crafted video online.

As far as esteem. Never heard of it. It seems like there are so many things going on, palnet, weku, etc, I'm just lost!

Howdy today hebrewhousewife! I couldn't agree with you more about talking to farmers!

Oh, I know...regarding being lost..I'm lost and not keeping up with hardly anything, I don't have time. But esteem is just a free app that pays you well to use it, it's one of the big, stable players that will be here for a very long time. Most people agree that it will be one of he main ways steemians access the blockchain, it's just like using steemit but they are always making improvements and adding features.

In fact, if they decided to discontinue steemit we could go right on using esteem. If you want to download it and try it just go here: https://esteem.app/

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