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Our dry weather indicator tells us it has been a dry summer here. Ironically, I took this picture the day after we got over a half inch of rain. (Today, the grass looks greener and now needs a mowing.) There has been rain forcasted here and there all summer, but most times, it went all around us. Forcast is showing rain and thunderstorms for most days in the upcoming week. Right in time for harvest of course.

The Big Man started wheat harvest just a few days ago. They only took off one small field because as it turned out, the wheat hadn't dryed down complety. He was getting nervous because, although the wheat looked great from the field, surrounding farmers were reporting of getting around 40-60 some bushels per acre. At current prices, breakeven is 50 some bushels. And a good crop is anything above 70. Thankfully, with the first field they took off, they were seeing close to 70 bushel yields.

The Big Man also rented another field this year that he planted with wheat. The field hadn't been properly cared for in a number of years, so it will be interesting to see how the average yield turns out for him. It definitely looks better this year than I ever remeber it looking in the past, so I'm just as anxious to see how it goes.

Where do I start with the garden? Well, it's not bad, but neither did it meet its full potential. I got too excited and planted a month too early. By the time I realized I wasn't going to get much, it was a couple weeks into June that I gave in and bought some starters to save me.

Surprisingly, I reaped a decent amount of carrots. They were long and straight too! That's how you know it has been a dry year! Green beans are doing well, although I think they were better last year. They're still going so I could be speaking too soon. Sadly, we only have a few onions. I think I will just buy bulbs from the start next year.

The lettuce does really well here. Why is it when we have plenty of fresh lettuce, that's when we are not hungry for it most? Pitty! The Roma tomatoes are doing amazing! I need to learn to put cages on right away however. My plants are all laying on ground. I'm tempted to pick the tomatoes while green to make sure they don't rot. Is there much benefit to letting tomatoes rippen on the vine vs counter? Taste maybe?

I just looked at our bell peppers yesterday, and I couldn't believe we'll actually have fresh peppers this year! That's exciting! I think I'll plant more next year. Cucmbers are coming out of our ears as usual. And I suspect the zucchini to take off real soon.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll have to take some farm harvest pictures when the time comes to share with you all.


Growing your own food is the best! I love to sit down for a meal and everything we are eating was grown on our own place.

It sure does taste a lot better too!

Howdy hebrewhousewife! Sounds like you're learning the hard way with your garden too. lol. It doesn't sound bad though for planting early. You have to time it just right up there with such short growing seasons.

I'm looking forward to seeing the harvest photos! Sorry I missed some voting on your posts, I didn't know you were posting so much now.

I know it. Sometimes, I’m glad it’s short though, because it’s a lot of work. But to have fresh, delicious food, it’s worth it.

That’s ok. To be fair, I didn’t think I’d manage to post as often as I am!

Especially during harvest time! as far as posting often. As far as the garden, just wait till the kids are old enough to work with you in the garden, that will help alot because it sure IS tons of work!

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