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🛑Important notice to all members of WORLD FARMERS CENTRE PLATFORM

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  1. Make good friends here

  2. Make credible connections here

  3. Make quality contributions here

  4. Make good money here😁😁😁

  5. Make sure there's no scam here!!! (SHINE YOUR EYES PLEASE )

  6. Make sure it's only business and Agricultural posts here!!!

  7. Make sure you don't post religious and political posts here

  8. Make sure you don't join more than one platform of the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE!!!

  9. Make sure you learn and learn and learn here

  10. Make sure you take time daily to DRINK FULLY from the vast and useful information on

  11. Make sure you try participate in some of our WhatsApp and Zoom meetings in order to interact with DR JOSEPH DEJI-FOLUTILE for more and more success in your farming business.

  12. Please note and note that offenders will be removed without warning

Love ➕Respect

Dr. Joseph Deji-Folutile

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