Threatened by crop failure, the farmers are restless.

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The fate of rice farmers, production decreased by 50%

Good afternoon steemians friend, on this bright day, I want to share a story about life in the countryside in one place in Indonesia, more precisely in Aceh province, in Reudeup Village.


Already a tradition almost in all regions in Indonesia to grow crops, especially rice.
Profits & disadvantages are often felt by farmers.


In early 2018, farmers were uneasy with the existence of the rice virus called aphis pest (in the local language here), with this viral virus, almost 78% of farmers in Aceh province experienced crop failure, this was caused by sudden wilting of rice, arrived and must be harvested immediately to avoid other farmers' rice crops.


Thus, it is predicted that rice price this year will probably increase due to the number of farmers who fail to harvest so that the production of rice this year will decrease.

That is the state of the farmers in our area. Hopefully there is a way out of government to respond to all this.

Thank you steemians ...
Look forward to my next posting.





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