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The internet has revolutionized ... well everything.

From #BlockChain concepts to #OpenSource technologies, our world is quickly changing.

Unfortunately, the #Urban and #Rural communities still seem to have a disconnect when it comes to the exchange of old-world practices (#sustainable #farming techniques for instance) to the availability of #emerging technologies for the small rural #farmer.

UrthKynd, the farm I'm working with currently aims to help launch the small rural farmer/homesteader into financial and agricultural sustainability by offering a rural/urban exchange program.

The #future of our world lies in the hands of our kids. Both city kids and farm kids lack a well rounded understanding when it comes to cultural exposure. This is due, largely in part, to economy. No matter where you're from, the country or the city, if you don't have access to ideas, and the ability to get those #ideas from seed to harvest, than these valuable ideas stayed stored in the #unfulfilled #potential vault.

It's time to open that vault.

Access to healthy food is vital for not only a long life- but a healthy life. We're well aware now, that current farming practices are not only unsustainable agriculturally- but are destroying our health as well.

In the study "Quality of life, well-being and wellness: Measuring subjective health for foods and other products"

"Wellness, well-being, and quality of life can be important additions to the measures studied in consumer perception of food and other consumer products."

Try #democracy means the #freedom to chose for ones self. There are many people (in rural, urban, and everyone in-between) who feel they lack the opportunity to chose.

Did you know that one in eight young people have never seen a cow in real life and early half of primary school children have never visited a working farm? says:

"It’s no wonder there are millions of adults in this country who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows, and a shocking percentage of students think cheese comes from plants and have no idea where eggs come from (more scary survey results like these at"

People who live in urban or rural areas often find themselves in a tough situation. Due to poverty, they cannot satisfy basic needs such as nutrition, access to healthcare, education. If we are going to make our world a better place- there MUST be a real-world solution to empower our communities to thrive.

If we leverage the power of network theory and connect sustainable groups like: while plugging in the human capital element (sustainably): and by bringing in innovation networks like: then we MIGHT just have a chance to see some really cool and big solutions manifest.

Whether we like it or not- we are all connected and we are all important.

All of us.


It's time to focus on our strengths and instead of seeing a competition with winners AND losers- we start envisioning a world with ONLY winners or ONLY losers. We've been operating in a way that says we are going to lose the #game if we continue playing it the way we have.

Time for a new model for game theory, we all win or we all lose.

Join the movement!

I'll leave you with these videos. :)


Following. I too am all about open source, farming, technology, automation, freedom, sustainability and blending them all together! Look forward to hearing more from you.

I wonder if you're familiar with Holmgren's scenarios and how such a high-tech system would survive in 3 out of 4 of those?

I'd much rather have a low-tech or no-tech solution, to a high tech one. In other words, it's great to use the technology while we can, but we need to use it to transition to a world not dependent on technology. Ben Falk's work also comes to mind.

I 100% agree :D Thank you so much for that awesome link- great resources! I'm new to the 'actually running a farm' thing. I grew up on a small farm (my mothers dad was a bit of a western cowboy)... my fathers father helped start a very large portion of Silicon Valley. People don't understand where their devices come from- or just how unsustainable the actual creation of tech is for the earth. Thank you for the link and thoughts!

Oh! If that's the case, I suspect this interview will be of interest to you:

As well as David's new book, Retrosuburbia:

There needs to be a love button. Thank you for this very awesome link. I'm going to put it into my 'blog about this idea' que.

On a mission to build something like this. Maybe not with this larger-scale approach, but the high-tech integrated homestead is a personal goal of mine, so thanks for sharing :)

Hey Kevin- when we get things a little more habitable for guests (tiny-home villages in the works) you'll have to come visit and vice versa. We're going to be offering a real-world exchange program that allows people to stay at places and learn. (Think an exchange program/wwoofing/airbnb with a blockchain currency-ish concept). Thanks for the comment!

Let me know once you get to that point.

will do :D