FAQ: Why on earth does the money next to my post doesn't convert into my wallet?

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Have you ever wondered why on earth does the money next to my post doesn't convert into your wallet?
Here is the answer: Currently the payout is done after 24 hours. With the new Steem release it will be reduced to 12 hours. In case you get new votes on the post this payout time can be delay even little bit more. If you go over the payout sum on any post you can see how many is already payed out and when the next payout will be.
Normally the payout is around 50% in Steem-dollars and 50% in Steempower.
The Steem dollars you can use at once. Powering down your Steempower you can only do after having 10x Steempower then your initial Steempower. Powering down Steem power to liquid Steem that you can transfer to others is done over a 2 year period. This is to encourage to help in the long term success in steam.
Happy steeming!

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I wanted to thank you again for the support and encouragement. You are a thoughtful, kind and motivational person. I would love to have you as my mentor :) Your donation is appreciated as well. This happened at the most perfect time, as I was feeling very down and trying to keep my head up. Blessings, blessings.

Thank you @arcurus for this
"Receive 10.000 SBD from arcurus for your nice posts about farming!"

Hope meet you in Vietnam soon!

hello @arcurus I manage to reply you here because I could not see the reply button on your message to me. Thank you from me and another thank you from my wife, it really mean something for us.

lol yea, this was a transaction, it has no reply button :)
Wish you all the good for you and your wife and dont give up posting!

Oh so that's how it is, forgive my ignorance 😊

Thank you on 10 SBD. May I know why you did it?

I loved your post about the poster you put up. i wanted to help more then the 2 cents you get through my upvote :)

Thank you the same :) I really appreciate it.

looking forward to see the Discordian temple :)

thanks for the info and just wondering how old does a blog have to be before it will not create any more income from upvotes

first payout is after 12 hours. Second payout after 4 weeks. Many votes can increase this period little bit. So the answer is round about four weeks before you cannot upvote it anymore.