Intro for a main character// snarky female dark elf tracker

in #fantasystory3 years ago (edited)

She had dark skin and black hair that got into her blue eyes. She was short - for an elf that is, but it didn’t bother her. Even being smaller than average, she always managed to get on people’s nerves, her snarkiness being her most defining quality. She was that way even since she was a child, right when she decided life isn’t fair, so around the time when her parents were murdered and she became exposed to society without her parents as a shield. Her parents’ death is also the reason she became a tracker. That and her love of adventurous mysteries, which is something she loved ever since she was a little girl listening to the enchanting stories told by the elders of her clan of heroes and the sidekicks, of brave lone elves and of clans of warriors. She always wished she lived in an interesting place where interesting things happened, but you know how it is – be careful what you wish for. When her family and some other parents were killed in their sleep by some mysterious people she vowed to find out what happened. Some might call her an aspiring hero, but out of everything she would call herself a lone bitter elf, desperate for revenge. Maybe that’s why people always get on her nerves. At any rate, she more or less stayed with the clan over the years, but she kept her distance. She always hoped her parents’ attackers would come back to finish the job and try to kill everyone else too – and she vowed to be ready. That's why she exploited her natural rogue-ish abilities to the fullest, learning everything she could and experimenting day and night with daggers as well as with a bow. She didn't held much love for her clan though – in her eyes their politics and ways were distasteful to say the least, and the overall elvish society she has been exposed to was a joke. But she didn’t blame them either. It was hard, finding a way to live. Sometimes just being alive was too much – she knew that all too well.

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