NFL Steemit Fantasy Update (Additional Rewards)

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Thanks to generosity of @pbgreenpoint and @clivingston005 the reward pool has been raised.

I have decided that the donated steems will be divided into weekly payouts for the each week's top scorer.

10 steems / 16 weeks = 0.625 steems / week

The steems will be used to purchase upvotes on the weekly post. I will also come up with 10 steems to the reward pool so not to look like I took steem from the reward pool. All would know that steemit reward breaks out 50/50 after curation. With a rough estimate if I put in the same amount of steem in the upvote the weekly payout should at least equal that of the input of 0.625 steems.

The reason I would purchase an upvote instead of sending it directly is to leverage the steemit platform. Upvotes tend to give a slightly higher payout so I hope each week's winner will receive more than 0.625 steems.

If anyone have better ideas or comments on how I distribute the reward pool let me know. Any additional donations that are given to me will be added to the weekly payouts.


If you wish to watch me try to grow my crypto wealth please follow me: @mawit07


Date of post: 8/28/2018

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Sounds good to me

Good stuff, getting excited for the season to get started!!!

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