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When will Steem hit the sun?

It is a question that everyone wants an answer to but, I am also interested in;

How fast can Steem rise?

The price of Steem is obviously affected by the exchange prices which also means that total supply is going to have to be taken into account. Total Supply of Steem is ~280 million but, liquid Steem is about 80 million. What this means is that the majority of Steem is locked up in Steem Power. Supposedly, only 50 million Steem is on exchanges. I don't know where the 30 million is floating, wallets?

How I read this is that even though there is 280 million total, the effective available Steem is what will drive prices on the exchanges as supply is restricted by liquidity. Of course, if Steem had a value of 10 dollars that means the market cap is 2.8 billion but, that is not the real value since if all sold, the price would crash. Not all can be sold simultaneously because most will hold some Steem power which requires powering down periods anyway but, this is also the beauty of Steem.

Even if one doesn't sell, the price increase will effect voting values which means that the more people hold, the more they will be able to earn from the pool even though the amount of Steem earned will be less. When it comes to most other coins, the earning is in the selling but with Steem, the smart earning is in the holding and application.

This means that as price increases and the holding value of vote value is realized, more will look to join/buy Steem for the future returns and, more will also look to hold. This should essentially supercharge the price rise as even though people are able to earn more value for their vote, they do not get more Steem. This should further restrict supply on the markets even as demand is increasing.

Because of the lock-in on Steem Power, this means that the liquid Steem will be the only available on the market which means that is all that really needs to get evaluated for the pumps and market price. How much investment to triple the market cap of Steem? On paper it would be 3x 430 million but this isn't the case of course, it is only what is on the exchanges which is, about 80 million worth.

So, 160 million investment needs to be invested into that liquid portion to increase the total value of all Steem to 3 times the current price. This means that all votes with Steem are also worth 3 times the current value which means, pumping 50 million STEEM has tripled the voting power of the 200 million Steem locked up in Steem power. 160 million isn't a lot really, especially in a bull market.

I think that this means that potentially, Steem could increase massively in value very quickly if it garners enough attention. It wasn't much more than a year ago that Ethereum was worth 30 dollars and even in this market, it is 400+. There is about 100 million supply of Ethereum which means that for Steem to hold a similar value, it would be about a 130 dollar coin. That is almost 100 times up on today.

Of course, that doesn't mean it will ever reach that height and the supply is increasing but, I don't think it isn't a very far reach to think that considering use case, community, blockchain tech and a half decent marketing campaign one day, the price increase could be very quick indeed.

When it comes to earning potential, Steem and similar coins seem that they will outperform others because there is a community that are keen to hold it to use. With the other coins, other than market price increases, there is not much reason to do anything with it other than hold and trade. The third option of Hold and use is a much more attractive investment opportunity, at least in my view.

Now, I have no idea about trading or if this is nonsense but it is the way I am currently visualizing it. From my perspective, Steem is highly undervalued but that is something that could be solved with any number of events very quickly such as a very large investor buying in or, a lot of publicity. This is where the community aspect comes in too.

Once there is the run on Steem, what will keep the prices up instead of it getting dumped is a community that encourages a large percentage of holders that restrict the market flow. This means a place where people actually want to hold and use their investment. If the communities that encourage that can develop strongly here, Steem should have a very prosperous future.

Again, this might all just be in my head... so, use your own imaginations.

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Same thought.


you know it.

That's the key point:

but with Steem, the smart earning is in the holding and application.

Once this hits home with more people then things should take off. Potential earnings from delegations as more dapps are built on steem as well as SMTs should help I reckon.


As much as I don't like some of the ways people apply their stake, at least it is getting applied I guess :)

What a fantastic analysis you gat there. What really caught my attention is your comparison of today's steem price to last year's ethereum price($30+)... I had the opportunity to buy a lot of ETH last year but I messed up. I was buying BTC. I see steem as another opportunity, with time you'll be amazed seeing the price cus it has potentials unlike some other coins.

The publicity aspect is all that matters now. And that's gonna be spontaneous. I'll advice u to hold on your steem. Don't sell now. Steem's future is so bright.

it's quite complicated to digest the economic side (incl this post!), but to me the important factors are in the continued development that we can see with explorers like steempeak and that we support projects like which work to enhance the experience of steem so much.
I see fantastic growth, as long as the platform can evolve/improve to bear the demand of increased adoption.
If it ever becomes slow to use, like I find facebook has become, then it'll be bad.


There is a lot of development going on and it is going to get to a point (already now) that it is nearly impossible to keep track of it all. This will of course open up new avenues for more people to take part.

think we all want you to come up with a better value, @tarazkp. The idea is to find a way that the global economic-political market will not be so affected and not so sensitive to change. The idea of investing in the platform itself seems to me to be a way of betting on the growth of the house. But what would that be like?


Who knows where it will lead but it is going to be an interesting ride along the way :)

I didn’t know that’s how the price was calculated . I see many accounts that have 1 million SP and maybe they should just put it out there :D I wanna see the 10 mark sooner than later

This is so true. The recent fall in the price of steem has tought me a lot of lessons.
One, not to rely on one source of investment
Sendly, ability to power up my earnings thereby increasing my voting power.

I think you see the potential clearly. I hope to watch Steem soar.

I mever had an idea that steem would be calculated in that manner. Thanks for this lessson and i hope also that it hits a 100$ and also the release of SMT.

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A great breakdown in here well, you've said it all fine it is what we put in that will surely increase the soaring I love this update....... But before I used to have a thought that someone is pulling it up and down 😂

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Keep good work of every time .

Thanks for sharing @tsrazkp
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I totally agree with you. As long as people hold onto what they have and grow very little will make it onto the market. Whatever is out there will be scarce enough to force the prices up.

As a small investor, I'm currently wondering about how the stock market, especially in the US, is doing for the rest of 2018. Hopefully, stock prices will pick up soon.