Comic Book Original Art Collection: “Out of the Darkness” (Dragonlance) print & remarque, by Larry Elmore

in fantasy •  last year  (edited)

In the comic book OA world, super-realistic artists get their fair share of love. Frazetta and Dell’Otto come to mind. Then there’s another level of realism in the fantasy genre — rendered by such legends as Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, and Larry Elmore. I’ve always had a soft spot for Elmore’s work on Dragonlance, which I grew up reading.


The fun thing about this piece is that it’s a print (1000 copies made), but with original art at the bottom right. This is what’s called a “remarque” — an original sketch done on a small number of prints, typically the earliest ones made. That’s Flint Fireforge right there:


Full-sized Elmore OA is valued at $10k+ these days, so I was happy to snag this for a pittance. Collecting ain’t just about the high-end stuff!

Dragonlance... those were the days. As a kid I’d daydream about being one of the Heroes of the Lance. Then I grew fascinated with Raistlin (at far left below). But that’s a story for another afternoon.


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That's what a "remark" is? Huh, I always thought it meant some kind of touch up. Good to know. and that's a pretty damn good sketch, especially considering it's only about and inch high!

Interesting, I was always interested in Caramon, specifically his character arc after the first series. It was the first time in fiction I'd encountered the idea of 'what happens to heros after the war is won and the day is done' and I was fascinated with it.


Well put, and likewise with the post-adventure!

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