La Vendedor - Lesson Two

in #fantasy5 years ago

After two months of field trials with Karla, Joey had developed a personal relationship with his female robot. They were seen shopping at Walmart together where Karla was able to pick the right merchandise off the shelves and place them neatly inside the shopping cart. No one could tell that she was manmade because she looked so realistic to the common eyes. The way Karla carried herself in public was pleasing to Joey and he became increasingly convinced that he had found a potential gold mine.

"Hello Karla, will you be able to pick a few winning penny stocks for your old man Joey?" asked the nonchalant Joey.

"Hello Joey, I don't think this will be a problem at all! What is your budget, please advise?" the robot responded instantly.

"How about $5,000?" replied Joey.

"Got it, please gimme a few minutes!" Karla acknowledged.

Karla turned on Joey's laptop and googled a few investment sites. She then reviewed a sleuth of stock charts and comments before homing in a few high potential stocks.

"Joey, I found 2 dirt cheap stocks with high growth potentials!" Karla gazed at her temporal master attentively.

"Wow, this is excellent Karla! What are they?" exclaimed Joey excitedly.

"ROBO and MEBO!" proclaimed the robot.

"Wait uh second, aren't they the robot company stock ticker symbols?" questioned the exhilarated Joey.

"Precisely and now is the perfect time to get in because their prices have been beaten down so badly." Karla suggested.

"Alright Karla, thanks for your advice! I'll check them out shortly." the middle-aged salesman smiled back.

"Joey, are you going to return me back to the warehouse after next month?" the robot asked sheepishly.

"I'm afraid so Karla. Your salesman Frankie only agrees to a 3-month lease so I could test you out thoroughly." Joey commented.

"Don't you want me to stay longer so I can be your living proof to all the potential clients?" questioned Karla.

"Gee, I haven't thought about it Karla! I think I will need to give your suggestion a serious consideration." the middle-aged salesman remarked.

Joey sat on the sofa quietly and cross-examined the robot without blinking his eyes. To him, Karla was literally flawless as long as there was enough power in her system. Needless to say, she could very well become an electromechanical diva in the modern age.

"Every man's fantasy can be met, every hot-blooded man!" snickered Joey.

Stay tuned.

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