How To Make a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

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The realm of experiencing the immense thrill of a sport is no longer confined to stadiums. It has surpassed geographic locations and has transcended into devices that people use on a daily basis. Technological advancements have made it possible to not only be able to watch your favorite game on your device but to also be able to create, customize and play your own game that simulates a real-life game.

Fantasy sports apps are making a massive name for themselves and has garnered a huge following of entrepreneurs along with its tremendous user base following. These applications have made sports from across the world accessible to users in any part of the globe. The games can be played at anytime and anywhere. Fantasy game apps have created a massive demand for companies that can offer the best competitive services in Fantasy sports app development.

The global e-Sports market is expected to reach a revenue of $2,174.8 million by the year 2023. While streaming sports on major channels like YouTube, Twitch.TV and Hitbox significantly contribute to the overall revenue, fantasy sports apps have begun to make up a huge chunk of the contribution.

What is Fantasy Sports?

The emergence of internet gave way to unlimited possibilities. A major application that stemmed out of its infinite powers are fantasy sports. Let’s see what a fantasy app like Dream11 and other such games have in common.

Fantasy sports are games wherein users can create a virtual team of players in a sport of their choice which are then played against an opponent’s team. The performance of a user’s players are based on the performance of those players in an actual real-life game. The user that has the team with the highest performing players against an opponent becomes the winner. The user’s points are calculated differently on different fantasy sports apps according to the fantasy team’s manager.

A bit of luck and a lot of skill

Fantasy sports apps have cleared the air of concern that questioned if fantasy games are a potential form of online gambling. In an extensive study to determine if it required skill or luck to win in fantasy sports, Hansoi and his team concluded that it did indeed take more skill compared to just a tiny ounce of luck to win a game from his research titled “There’s Real Skill in Fantasy Sports”.

Fantasy Sports in India

The Fantasy Sports industry is currently worth INR 43.8 billion and is anticipated to reach INR 118.8 billion by FY23. India is witnessing a rapidly growing user base in these applications which have already accumulated a humongous community over the past years.

Fantasy applications have been doing some good for society, not only in India but also worldwide. It has been curtailing and dissolving illegal betting. This change has endowed the fantasy sports industry with a reputation that terms it safe, fair and legal.

The popularity of the most popular fantasy sports app in India is Dream11. As the market value for the app has grown to great heights, entrepreneurs have begun to desire the same and higher rewards by creating fantasy sports apps like Dream11.

Advertisers have begun to view the potential popularity of fantasy apps like Dream11 in addition to the actual Dream11 app as a feasible space to place their advertisements. The already existing user base of the app allows advertisers to reach a wide spectrum of audience.



When people in India are asked what the first fantasy sports app that they can think of is, Dream 11 would be a definite answer.

Dream11 was founded by Harsh Jain and his co-founder in the year 2007. The fantasy sports league platform quickly rose to fame and gained over 20 million users in a short period. The app has fantasy Cricket, Football, NBA, Kabbadi and Hockey leagues.

Modes of Gameplay in Dream11

Betting is a major part of fantasy sports applications. Dream11 offers three types of contests. Understanding these different gameplay modes will help you develop fantasy sports betting apps like Dream11.

  • Head-to-Head - Two players can challenge each other to a game by betting a price of Rs. 100 on their respective teams. The winner gets a large share of the opponent’s betting money while a tiny portion of it goes to Dream11.
  • Private Contest - A private contest can have three to five select exclusive players. The winner gets a large share of the opponent’s betting money while a tiny portion of it goes to Dream11.
  • Public Contest - Hundreds and thousands of players can enter public contests that are hosted by Dream11 themselves. Just like the rules of the other two contests, the winner gets a large share of the opponent’s betting money while a tiny portion of it goes to Dream11.

How Dream11 Works

A crucial part of developing a fantasy app like Dream11 is to understand how Dream11 works.

  • User Signs up / Signs in
  • A referral code or coupon can be used for extra bonus credits that are granted to both the referrer and the referral.
  • 11 players are chosen to make up a user’s fantasy team, otherwise known as a Dream11.
  • The user can buy players using a starter credit of 100 credits.
  • Upon finalizing a team of 11 players and having chosen the captain and vice-captain they then join a contest by paying an entry fee. This part of the app is where Dream11 gets most of its revenue from.
  • There are limits to winning amounts and the number of teams that can participate. Users are notified of a deadline
  • before which they can make changes to their team and prepare for the game.
  • The number of teams playing in a contest determines the split of the winnings.
  • Users cannot make changes to their team during the game as their teams will be subjected to a lock-in period during the match.

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    Scope of Fantasy Sports Apps
    Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. The ease of accessing information and services has been simplified to tapping on our devices a few times. Similarly, the thrill of experiencing sports has reached our portable devices as well. There is a sharp upsurge in the number of players that use fantasy sports apps from their comforts.
    The ongoing ICC cricket world cup 2019 and the upcoming ICC cricket T20 world cup 2020 are two major events that have drastically increased the number of players fantasy sports. Investing in fantasy sports betting apps like Dream11 right now is definitely the right time.