Weather for two #18+

in #fantasy2 years ago (edited)

Last night the heavens cried out her heart nonstop,
as I thought about you.
She moaned thunderously
as she came on my roof top,
just then I remembered it’s a weather for two.

Last night, as I laid here in my cold darkened room,
My body helpless as desire seemed to consume.
My bed so lonely without you next to me,
steaming passion against cold burnt uncontrollably free.

My teeth trembled, I froze in my lung
As down my torso, flaming desires are definitely sprung.
My chest bare, as the night chill gave it a rush,
I moaned and I sighed, but tried hard to keep it hush.


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Unconsciously, my fingers dribbled down my phallus erect,
My fingers slowly came to it's head,
circle it's cap, as a chill flowed through,
Inside of me a passion burned,
so deep with thoughts of thrust in you.
As sweat began to build, upon my phallus so well,
I hunger for your wetness,
that even more feelings can dwell.

Down to my balls, my fingers did glide,
Up to the tip where my passion did hide
seeping milky juices, but there's none to ride.
And I wish this weather be gone
But sweeter than sweetness was the sensation.
Burning desire, flames flowed fiery free,
As my palm wanked wanton the risen meat of me.
So hard and flaming the power of my desire,
Around this turgid member
is the height of my extreme fire.

And as this transpired
My mind was trapped in thoughts of you beside me so,
though I would rather you sprawl beneath
As I craved with excitement
how hard hips could go.

A deep sigh, a loud moan,
emotion broke free,
Sounds of rapture from my lips did erupt,
and open came nine clouds up to total ecstasy.
Your name I did chorus
Like a thousand heavenly trump
unable for silence to keep.

How consumed was my soul and also my heart,
As this burning desire within me hasted to depart.
It erupted like molten magma close to climax...
I let go of myself and floated nine clouds above,
As emotions inside me reminded me of your sweet love.
I came… I lie not, I saw God.

My breathing now laboured
and flaccid my phallus
I turned and made to kiss you but my bed was empty,
in my mind you did lay,
I sighed and allowed sleep take me away.


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Oh last night, my lady,
was weather for two...
Almost I thought it was just a dream
to feel such sweet rapture, so true.
But, tonight, my lady,
I will give all this desire to you.
Yes only you.
A mutual desire I bet we both feel.
Last night may be just a fantasy,
But tonight, my lady,
it will be so real.


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