The STEEM FIFA Fantasy League - Last of Round 16 Day 3

in fantasy •  5 months ago

Brazil - Mexico 2-0

38' Edson Alvarez, Mexico - Yellow Card
43' Filipe Luis, Brazil - Yellow Card
51' 1-0 Neymar, Willian (assist)
55' Hector Herrera, Mexico - Yellow Card
59' Casemiro, Brazil - Yellow Card
77' Carlos Salcedo, Mexico - Yellow Card
88' 2-0 Roberto Firmino
90' Andres Guardado, Mexico - Yellow Card

Brazil defeat Mexico and make it further in the World Cup, Mexico are eliminated.

Belgium - Japan 3-2

40' Gaku Shibasaki, Japan - Yellow Card
48' 0-1 Genki Haraguchi, Gaku Shibasaki (assist)
52' 0-2 Takasi Inui, Shinji Kagawa (assist)
69' 1-2 Jan Vertonghen
74' 2-2 Marouane Fellaini, Eden Hazard (assist)
90' 3-2 Nacer Chadli, Thomas Meunier (assist)

League Standings

We have got a new #1 in the League! Let's see for how long he can maintain his position!

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Belgium and Japan was one hell of game. I had doubled up defenders from Belgium, and captained Lukaku. No good for my fantasy team


Yeah man that was really intense. I had Hazard as C so got some points but R.I.P the defense. :P

thanks for share this post. i also see many match in my countried=s.

I am lucky to be there at 8 down from 2. This round went very unexpected.

Seeing out the England and Colombia game now. I hope England won't have to regret their costly mistakes.

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Getting closer and closer to top 10 - it's coming home!

Brazil vs Mexico was a good match but the breathtaking one was Belgium vs Japan. Love the comeback from Belgium who were suffering 2-0 defeat until 7th minute but managed to win in the last minute. Great game play by hazard lukaku and vertonghen. Thanks for sharing.

Brazil vs mexico and belgium vs japan were two great games. Brazil won quite easily but belgium had a tough feat. They had let in 2 goals but then came one of the greatest comebacks in history. Vertonghens header and Chadlis finish was awesome.