The STEEM Fantasy Leagues - Registrations to the Fantasy sites and other Information

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Hello everyone!

As some of you know, this season we will be hosting 3 different Fantasy Leagues, the Premier League, La Liga and Die Bundesliga! In this post there will be information about when the leagues start, which sites we will be using to invite all Steemians into the different leagues and also some info on the prizes for the authors and participants! :)

The Premier League's deadline is August 10th (this weekend!)

Go on over to and register an account in case you haven't done so yet. In a few days I will be writing a new post making the code to the league public so that all Steemians that want to participate it can join. There will be some requirements such as minimum reputation and account age/activity and commenting on that post to link up your teams name with the one on the site. Make sure to tell anyone interested in joining about it!

La Liga will start on August 17th (next weekend)

The site we will be using for this will be, make sure to go ahead and register an account already. Similar to the Premier League I will be writing another post for the invite codes to the league here and similar rules and restrictions will apply for Steem accounts there. Make sure to spread the word about it to other Steemians!

Die Bundesliga will begin on August 24th

We have a lot more time for the Bundesliga but go ahead and create an account at and be ready for the invite code to the league there as well.

Thanks @rubencress for editing the Steem logo into these logos! Check out his account for some amazing photography!

Information about prizes

There are no restrictions of how many leagues you can join per account, meaning with one Steem account you will be able to join all 3 leagues and of course other leagues hosted by other Steemians on the platform as well!

We decided to skip the "guess the outcome of matches to win prizes" this year as checking the comments for edits is not so easy right now. I am sure there will be a lot of other tournaments going on from other Steemians though, one who usually hosts these is @nanzo-scoop so you should check out his account in time to sign up!

This year we will be trying something different with the prizes, we won't announce yet how much of the SBD and/or SP the authors will write depending on the quality of their articles, meaning it won't be clear yet how much the participants of the league will receive either. Rest assured though that the liquid rewards SBD+STEEM will be transferred to Savings and kept there until the end of the season for all 3 leagues. Last year we had over 3000 STEEM in prizes for the Premier League alone and that was after half of the post rewards going to match prediction winners!

And just like last year @blocktrades will be sponsoring these Leagues this season with votes as well! Make sure to check out if you want crypto currencies exchange quickly or want to purchase delegation and consider throwing him a witness vote!

In case of inactivity or low quality articles we reserve the right to change authors and send you the rewards you've eared up until that time.

I hope you are all as excited as we are for this awesome season ahead of us, make sure to start reading and planning out your team to become the best Managers on Steem at the end of the season! :)

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I participated last year in the premier league contest, hurra! great that there are now even 3 leagues where you can compare your football knowledge with other steemains .

WOOOOHOOOOO Looking forward to all 3 .
I will keep my eyes on the Premier league as that's the only league I watch weekly .
Thanks for putting this together and I look forward to being part.
Last season I finished in an embarrassing 30th~ but it was my first fantasy league.


I will make sure you don't win ;)


Hat off for last season but this time I will outwit you haha :D
I have my dream team ready .


Huddersfield Town vs Chelsea live stream.premier league

Account created, let's see if I can make a complete Belgian team :)


That would be lovely, as I can at least best one person then!


A good idea with three leagues, it will be interesting - I hope. This year I have finally formed teams, even in all leagues. Thanks for the support - my team is Dolov_Steem_ua

Great to see the steem fantasy leagues being back @acidyo
I'd love to join the I'm just lacking time to do so and don't know so much about fantasy sports.

Good luck to everyone who signs up !

fantastic! ive been waiting for this. I have registered my fantasy epl team and im ready for another exciting season. kudos to @acidyo and @blocktrades for this opportunity and bringing the fun to steemians

Surely I don't want to miss it this time, already got an account a few weeks ago and waiting for your league code since then :)

Bring it on... I'll love to be a part of this.

The world cup Russia was fun and I'm pretty sure that it will be more fun here... Kudos @acidyo

I missed it last season, and looking forward to this season. Thanks for the contest.

Awesome news @acidyo I will be registering in those sites right now!

Nice. I will play only Premiership.. Prepare for the defeat minnions :))

Been waiting for this, missed out on sfpl last season

no hope for steem

Not gonna miss this one @acidyo

it's all just extremely holy fun. loving and expecting to be in it..

Looking forward :)

I like this initiative! Anything that means growing up must be supported. Having fun and winning at the same time is a good formula. Success and I look forward to the requirements! Greetings

Haven't played fantasy la liga before, it should be interesting with those high scoring games. @belemo come in here and sign up.

I will be watching for new publications! Competing is part of the interesting things about steem and the fun is promising, everything that means playing and winning is good for everyone. Thank you for the initiative

Hai @acidyo
This is very good information, I will register if you meet the requirements

I've joined @accidyo, I'm waiting for the code now

Wow, super excited as well to be part of this season on steemit...

Great information sir, and very good writing to I like it football team for I appreciate your valuable content. thanks for sharing this post

@seanreilly I need your help again :D

  • rubs hands together gleefully* Awesome!

So we are gonna have 3 different leagues and the most famous ones this time in the steem fantasy league. That is a very wonderdul news. I am really glad for it. Well i will also be joining the league registering my teams name on the web site. I jave a request to make @acidyo. Please can we urge the makers to add a serie A league this time. You kniw serie is growing as the 3rd best football league so it deserves some worth thanks. Kindly if you can just do smoething for it.

great news @acidyo. now I could join the competition with other steemians. just wait the league code now.

Here is what have been wait for a long time, can't wait to participate in the three

Looking forward to it. No clue how I missed out last year and was bummed all year especially seeing all the prizes won!

Already have an account on fantasy premier league, will make an account for the other 2.

Good job on the logos @rubencres

Is my rep high enough?

Is there any chance to have Serie A fantasy as a contest too?
Now that Ronaldo moved there, the popularity of the league is quite high.

I have wait this moment for 3 months, and now i read this evening all that you have write, and then I will try to participate in your fabulous competitions, dear @acidyo

Its awesome, new season is just starting. Come on my friend to be top ten @arsenal49 @herverisson x)

To make things easy this is a different fantasy league as the fifa world cup, right?

Congratulations @acidyo!
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I'm eager to participate in my first fantasy league with as a stemian. thanks for this!!!!!

Glad to play again and to see that more leagues have been added this year. Team Tszunami singing in

100% excited waiting for the leagues to start to participate.

Right on man!!! I am so happy that there is more of this tournaments :)

Really looking forwar

Can't wait for the season to kick off