The STEEM Fantasy Leagues - Prize Distribution

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After a long season and what felt like an even longer time checking the registrations of eligible participants and counting all existing posts of the fantasy leagues (with some help) I finally managed to nail down the exact prizes for the manages and authors. Unfortunately like it so happens with the bear market and our active user-base, many of the authors went inactive and did not look for a replacement author which was one of the rules for their end reward, so instead part of that will go towards the league pool and distributed to the managers while the authors will get a cut for their unfinished task.

In total there were 102 posts of which 62 were of the Premier league (not many skipped considering there are 38 gameweeks with 1 review and overview per gameweek), 29 Laliga posts and 11 Bundesliga posts. All these together garnered a total of 4671 STEEM mainly thanks to the amazing @blocktrades for the sponsor with votes, make sure to sign up at for a very fast and reliable direct exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The Managers.

Something quite unique this year was that the player that came in first place of the Steem Premier league had not registered in time and joined the league after gameweek two which made him ineligible for rewards, meaning #1 spot goes instead to @amosbastian, congratulations! There was another ineligible manager in spot #6 so the table looks like this and the rewards will go out shortly after this post is published.


For the Bundesliga only one ineligible manager, remember to register in time next season!


For La Liga all managers had registered accordingly, nice!


Here are the prize distributions to the Managers! Congratulations everyone!

English Premier League




La Liga


Thanks to everyone participating this year and to the authors and voters of the fantasyleague posts. See you all next season!


Wow, I've been so busy with my thesis that I completely missed this. I can't believe I actually won (albeit on a technicality) -- feels great!

A lot of thanks to you and @blocktrades for even making this league possible (you know how much I love (fantasy) football). I already can't wait for next season!

Hi this is awesome. Thank you for the award. Please my username was spelt wrongly. I'm 7th in laliga fantasy. It is suppose to be @belemo and it is spelt wrongly as @balemo. Sorry for any inconvinience

will write the right username when sending out the Steem tomorrow! thanks

Nice one Amos!

And thank you Acid and BT for hosting and sponsoring the league.

Good luck next season all, I can't do any worse!

If you need any tips you know where to find me ;)

Hmm, where is my team and your team @acidyo? xD

Great, it was a fun season. Lucky to be getting prize although was just shy of top 10.

Looking forward to next seasons and thanks for organizing this contest 🙏


Congratulations to all the winners.

Appreciate the time and effort that has gone to recording an updating all the figures. Has the total rewards distributed to a lesser amount of people then last season?

I recall that last season, I finished in the mid 20s and received some steem?

Awesome! Thanks for organizing these contests!..Next year again? :)

Thanks again for the hard work organizing the leagues! It was really fun and I am already looking forward to the new season. Congrats to all the participants as well!

Congrats on making the top 10 on all three leagues, good luck next season! : )

I see you are using the sportstalk tag :^)

Haha yeah saw your comment in OCD general an hour before I posted this so figured why not. :D

gotta take advantage of it now, 10 staked coins give you like 7k sports vote right now :^)

Ah yea I should stake them, forgot. :D

Thanks @acidyo, i had a lot of fun competing, unexpectedly placing is just icing on top. Keep up the great work.

Fantastic, can't wait to do this again next season, hopefully, with the bull market coming back it will be even bigger

Thanks for all your work running these leagues @acidyo ! Already planning for next season :)

Congratulations Amos!
Thank you for sponsoring @acidyo!
I will be waiting for the next season.

Thats really COOL. Congratulation to all the person. ☺️👍

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Nice one here. It must really be a tedious work for you doing this

Thank host and congratulate all .

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Game just reopened :D

Congratulation... amazing @acidyo

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