Sexy Pirate Talk LIVE on FanFiction - @nathankaye and @darrenclaxton

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@nathankaye AND @darrenclaxton will both be Reading live pirate stories with their painfully delicious accents on the Fan Fiction Show - With your hosts: @coruscate and @littlescribe


Booster pack giveaways!

Monster News

Trading Tips with @davemccoy

Good old fashioned Monster Talk

Live reading of Pirate Stories

Video streaming LIVE at:

Live Chat on Discord STEEMTOPIA:

Featured Pirate Stories

Defending the Pearl Treasure (by @chrisroberts)

Pirate's Quest (by @foxfiction)

The Pirate Capt'n N' the Queen O' The Mermaids (by @simgirl)

A Very Sad Tale (by @littlescribe)

Featured Music This Week

The Dark Eternals (@isaria)

Forest Awoken (@harrisonmir)

The Monsterface Winner will be announced on the show

Here's the link to the contest.

See you very soon!

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Ahoy Littlescribe 'n Coruscate!
'tis a pleaseure t' be invited onto yer show 'n I look fore t' readin' ye all a tale from th' high seas.
Speak t' ye later this evenin'
Cap'n Darren Claxton


AAAAAAHHHHH! I can't even contain my excitement!!!



Haha👍😊 I loved it it was awesome🚢

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#fanfictionfam!!! Yeeeeesss it’s catching on!!

This is going to be such an epic show - I literally can’t wait. 😍

yaaas, is this today? I don't want to be an hour and a half late for this one! XD

Find sexy pirate in carabeans

This’ll be grand indeed!
Thanks for inviting me for more reading shenanigans!
And this time pirates!!!

good luck darren