An EXCLUSIVE Steem Monsters Match between @coruscate and @littlescribe!

in fanfiction •  6 months ago


Come Watch the exclusive match LIVE, and Get two free Boosterpacks if you guess who wins!

2:30 pm MST
4:30 pm EST
8:30 pm UTC

@yabapmatt did not pull from our actual decks. He set up maxed out cards for us to play against each other. So go hog wild on your predictions guys. No holds barred!



Countdown Link

Dlive Link

Discord Link


Rules for the Contest:


  • Guess the summoner each of us use
  • Guess who wins the battle
  • Post your guess down below in the comments
  • Attend the LIVE show tomorrow (or watch it afterward if you cannot make it to the show)

Winner gets 2 booster packs!!!


Come Check out the Steem Monsters Fan Fiction Show

Steem Monster Show latest episode

@yabapmatt discusses gameplay!

LIVE Video:


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It is ON!!! Can’t wait for this stream tomorrow!


Bring it on, little mermaid. This ain't your Daddy's Lagoon anymore.

Awesome! :-) I will be there! Can't wait to see it!
Enchantress of the Night (752px, 23.976fps).gif


Woah!! This is amazing @clove71!


Thanks! :-) I'm watching your battle right now well, so I don't know who even won yet, lol! I hope you and your sister move went well! :-)


Oh man! Lovin' the Enchantress!

I'm guessing @littlescribe will take White and @coruscate will take Green... And I think it will be really really close, but the White team will win! :D


Well SOMEONE took a peak at their decks :P

Nice one :D I would guess the same lol

@coruscate summoner will be Lyanna Natura and @littlescribe summoner will be Selenia Sky and the winner will be @littlescribe 1533061700962_2.png


Ooooh. I like your thinking meseeks! We shall soon see!

This is fantastic! Thank you @coruscate and @littlescribe. I was looking for a practical example of a #SteemMonsters battle, to help me to visualize how these comparisons will work in my spreadsheet, which I'm still developing. Your battle announcement here is the answer that I've been seeking! I'll build out my spreadsheet based on your example battle. It'll be awesome!

I hope to be able to compare both of your collections based on the information publicly available from #SteemPeak, and have the spreadsheet calculate the "form"  for the battle, similar to how thoroughbred horse racing works. At present I'm still yet to put in all of the Abilities for all of the cards, and most of the Stats (I've only done the Lyveria  and Azmare Islands  Splinters so far), then I'll really be able to calculate the odds, creating the best possible Team for each player, and work out who is likely to win the battle!

I may not have all of this working fully by the time that your battle begins, but it is something that I'm working on, and your battle here came at the perfect time for me, so thanks, both of you. Wishing you both good luck in the battle that lies ahead. 😉 👍


I love @trisquelwhare the spreadsheet well done! I was curious about the battle visually too.
Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out.


Thanks for that. Yeah, my spreadsheet is coming along. I'm spending more time on the visual than the functional at present, so it looks pretty good, but doesn't do much yet.


I'm so excited to see your spreadsheet!


Wow. This is great! I can't wait to see the spreadsheet you come up with. We'll be on the lookout for goog leaderboard stats in the future.

Although, keep in mind the @yabapmatt did not use actual monsters in our decks. He threw some together that were already maxed out...for the hell of it.


Thanks @littlescribe. The leaderboard stats would be a fun project! I did something similar for @steempunknet recently, leveraging the JSON API data directly from a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. I must have a look at the @SteemMonsters API data at some time and see if I can do the same with it, building a spreadsheet automatically from the #SteemMonsters API data. That would be fun! 😉

I think the summoner littlescribe will use is Zintor Mortalis as a summoner. I think the summoner coruscate will use is Alric stormbringer. Don't hate me but I say @coruscate will win! #teamcoruscate


Ha ha! Well, let the games begin then! :D

Oh man, that's too cool!

I think @coruscate is going to go white, and @littlescribe, you gotta be going green! I'm putting my money on @coruscate! (Coin flip, love you both equally 😆)


Hey, I thought I said you were the smartest one!


I had a feeling I had that coming! 😂😂

Oh my this will be epic! haha ..... shall check it out tomorrow!
Also, Tim Cliff tomorrow?

Edit: will fill in my guess who will win here to in a minute.

My guess is YOU @littlescribe , but @coruscate will be put up a good fight!


He's on Monday. Close tho!

Any guesses as to who will win?

Yea I gotta go with @littlescribe FTW!

yes yes yes yes yes yes !!!!!!
...@littlescribe gets the green splinter ,obviously Lyanna Natura will be the summoner
....@coruscate get the red splinter ...Malric Inferno holds the leadership!!!
.....@coruscate wins ..after a dark fight full of blood...tears ...and sweat


Ooooh, very intense predictions there @funnel! Can't wait to see if you're right!

@coruscate is going with Malric Inferno (red) and @littlescribe with Lyanna Natura (green).

And the winner is: ................... @coruscate!!

I'm willing to see how the green team battles, we haven't see them yet and it will be interesting.

Alright i'm going with @littlescribe
First of all @coruscate love ya but you only have level 1 cards.

I guess we need more info if there are additional parameters to this fight.


Well, to be fair, @yabapmatt isn't pulling from our actual decks. He just put something together on his own, with maxed out cards.


did you guys decide the teams though?

I think @Couscate* going to get swept by the Mermaid loses with the Mermaid

Haha that was really awesome you guys! I really hope I can get a team organized by Oct! I do have 2 teams started but hope to improve it by then! 👌💕👏✌


Hmmmm. Well, do please drop me links in my DM now and then so we can follow your battles!