Place so much hot

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Every time I share my food picture or visiting new place this time I upload a fan. Do you know why? Place so much hot even Ac working still we feeling hot like crazy. When I went to the market to buy my fan, shop man keep asking me to take the open fan. I said no give me intact box. Shop man told me they have to fix the fan why intact box, I will not able to fix it. If I break while I fix the fan they will not give me change and so much talk labla labla- - -. At the end I told shop man I bought it this is mine now even it it break I will not come back by you. I see shop man face sad. I don't understand why so much drama to sell open fan. Maybe they have some secret, I don't know. It wasn't hard to fix it at all I mean make them all together.


Compleate Fan




Bottom Part


Top Part


This Two Parts Need to join Together


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