[Family Protection] A Cry For Help!

Anyone following @familyprotection realizes there are a multitude of "cries for help" coming from children and their families around the world. This Cry for Help is a bit different.


I am sorry I don't have a lot of pics to put forth on these posts but the meat of the matter is what counts.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can make a difference;
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

Because this post comes originally from another Steemian @nikkijmurphy and I have already Re-Steemed it I was going to decline payment for this post. HOWEVER, in light of the cause I think I will leave it open and simply donate all SBD and SP from this post to #FamilyProtection. So keeping it a win/win.

@nikkijmurphy has an open door for an interview with an ex-Social Worker.

We have also made contact with a former Social Worker, through a contact group, to ask if she would be willing to give us an interview and answer some very sensitive questions about her former role. She has agreed to meet us next Tuesday to answer our questions over lunch.

This is a time-sensitive post as you will see the interview is coming up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Any questions you would like answered, Nikki has opened the door for you on this one. Please either comment with your question(s) below or best go to the original post and comment directly to Nikki. Keep in mind the interview will only be an hour so your questions should be short, direct and concise. We do not need to be "beating up this worker" she has made some changes and has shown integrity by allowing the interview in the first place.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and a big thank you to @nikkijmurphy for making this happen.

Here is a direct link to her original post:




Meet and get to know all those supporting @familyprotection and find out how
you may contribute to one of the most valuable causes here on this blockchain.

Ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome. There are so many wonderful investigative reporters here within the Steemit community to thank and it would not be fair to try to name them all. Please do yourself a favor: Find them and follow them.

Many believe in the power of a collective effort


You are invited to join with us in focusing for ONE MINUTE at 6pm YOUR time zone to put our intention, prayer, meditation and love towards seeing the world as it should be.



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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @vickiebarker for supporting @familyprotection

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Thank you for this opportunity ! I have already left my question in the comments. I hope, that it will be very frank with you. I look forward to the interview!

Woooww this is great...I'm sure lot of people will not miss this wonderful meeting coming up on Tuesday or Wednesday

My hope is we will get some good direct questions compiled and looking forward to the "answers".

Good post 👍👌, Please upvote back me, @hazmisyahputra, thank you.

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