Targeted by CPS: Ramola D - Award Winning Author and Journalist

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[Watch My Interview with Ramola D

Ramola Dhamaraj, known on the internet as Ramola D, is an Award Winning Author and Independent Journalist with a Physics degree from George Washington University where she later was a Professor of English and Literature. She has written award winning literature and hosts her own website and YouTube channel linked below.

Over the last few years, Ramola has focused her research on directed energy weapons on law abiding American citizens, gang-stalking, and harassment. She works with former FBI and CIA whistleblowers and reports evidence through declassified government documents and speaks with victims of organized attacks. She sees much of this happening to the truth movement community and those who speak out against the government, aka The United States Corporation of America.

Recently Ramola has become a target of CPS who was called by her daughter's school when learning about Ramola's research, a baseless claim and retalitory attack on her character. CPS is attempting to ensnare Ramola in a court battle for her child and also her reputation, but she is fully prepared to not consent to CPS's dirty tactics. Please listen as she shares her story, know your rights and also learn how you can prepare if CPS comes knocking.


You can find Ramola D on the follwoing platforms:

More information about directed energy weapons

Press Release

Please support Ramola:

Award winning books:

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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as long as there are people who bring to light the crimes of social service will earn my respect and admiration

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I will have a look at her stuff online later.. as I started opening up myself about emf weapons mind control gangstalking.. Its hard to write about these events have had a very traumatizing effect.. But I find it important that people learn more about it. Thanks for sharing!

I watched this video this morning. Very well done with excellent information. We all need to get more up to speed on this topic.

They use mental health as a weapon . Anyone not agreeing with them is automatically targeted . I’m always spreading the word and my laptop has frozen up , my iPad has suddenly stopped working , my keyboard ⌨️ starts typing in all caps ❓The ringing in my ears is not normal and changes pitch like its mechanical . The VA insist that I’m ok . They have to keep their buddies in the military industrial complex in the money . This is the VA that thinks homelessness is a disease ⁉️ But a bailout for billionaires is capitalism ⁉️ Or that I’m crazy for calling them out on 9/11 , the moon hoax etc etc etc . I have felt the tingling on my arms and have trouble sleeping . But thats what they want is to wear you down . But like you said there are more of us then there are of them , and we just all got to keep breaking big rocks into little rocks . I have been doing my own research and found that soft tissue is highly susceptible to microwave energy like the pancreas , so I believe they’ve been creating diabetes in some energy weapon way . Don’t forget BIG PHARMA makes a ton of money on the way up , or on the way down . All of these control factors were put in place by the same sons of bitches that installed the U.S.S.R.❗️And you see how well that worked out for them with millions of Russian citizens missing . They want the same here , but like I said now my voice has been somewhat silenced because they call me crazy . Its easy and dismissive . But I task them all the time . I don’t quite , I don’t surrender, and if I hear a good story like yours I not only re-STEEMIT , but when I go to the hall (community center) and talk to the fellas and play some cards I try to open those kinds of cans of worms there . And some of the fellas do give me grief , but I always snare at least one . This government is so full of fuck ups that all I have to do is wait . LOL . They always shoot themselves right in the foot ❗️So your not in it alone , and I’m joining the fight . I know how vindictive they can get . I was doing a HUD/VASH investigation into fraud and abuse in the system and was threatened and abused . The police are a bunch of FREEMASONS here in northern Illinois . These parasites have no moral compass . Its really like a MOB and don’t feel shit for JFK cuz he was one of them looking to turn us in . He was just wacked by fellow mobsters thats all . They made it public to show everyone that they’re tough JUST LIKE A MOB HIT . So always operate under those terms , because the people we’re dealing with have no problem with killing you . Always carry your second amendment or a good weapon . Never go out alone at night without someone knowing , and learn some self defense . Show no fear to them . The stocker that was fallowing me hasn’t been back after I flashed them my 40 cal with a laser and yelled out the window “The first shot is free , and the rest are bonuses ❗️” 😆 Never saw them again . 🤨 Two of them wearing ball caps . They always wanna look normal , but they don’t know how . LOL Good show , good luck 👍 and always check your six . 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻

Hi honeybee! I saw you on my favorite youtube channel, nowyouseetv and came over here to follow your amazing work. Thanks so much for what you are doing! I really need help gathering evidence on the people who kidnapped my children so I can have some evidence to use for seeking asylum in another country. I believe all the family court and child service agencies in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where my children are being held, are protecting a child trafficking gang. All my evidence right now is circumstancial. I have no technical skills besides what you see here so could use some training or at least advice. I have absolutely no local support as the people in my community prefer to pretend these things are not happening so they can continue enjoying football and pleasant recreational activities. I cannot enjoy recreational activities while my children are being trafficked and subjected to satanic abuse. May I email you my information or something? Thanks!