Two models, both flawed, both targeted at the working class

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I have had the unfortunate experience of experiencing social services under both models they have used in the last 50 years.

The two Models

Since the second world war and the inception of the Welfare State (a promise to the working class to persuade them to die for country), there have been essentially two models of the provision of social services.
The first was a department run as a state department of government. It provided top down provision from ministers right down to social workers and social services. All paid for and provided by the state.
I experienced this model. It relied on building physical institutions that were called children's homes. Slightly misleading as they were neither homely or were the residents treated like children. These institutions were like mini fiefdoms of the staff that ran them. There were no real checks on them and children like myself weren't believed when we tried to complain about what was happening to us. Eventually some of the scandals were exposed and institutions were fazed out and only used in extreme cases.
As this model was changed for the better, a new model consisting of fostering and small houses, keeping children in or near their communities and sending them to community schools, doctors, etc etc.
This led to children being better protected as they had the added protection of the local community keeping an eye on them, rather than being hidden from view and educated by their captors in very abusive homes.
The new system is a much better system but the government have negated any gains made by allowing private firms to bid for contracts to provide the care for vulnerable kids!!
Now, social services are just bean counters who manage budgets and "care packages" and dole out contracts to private firms who's number one focus is profit!!
As i said earlier in this post, i experienced 5 years of children's homes after my single mother was persuaded it was in my best interests. We went for a visit and my mum was impressed and insisted i was to go there. It wasn't long before i realised that the visit day was all a show. When i complained to my mother about the violence they told her "all kids say that as they are homesick". i learned quickly and painfully, not to complain. I felt abandoned. No one believed us so we ran..When we were put into places we couldn't run from we became violent.
My life was ruined for 40 years by this experience. it was hell and i wouldn't inflict it on my worst enemy. Sexual abuse, violence and mental torture. Not all staff were bad..The abusers quickly learned who had no support from family and then targeted them..But i digress!!

I am now experiencing and learning about the new model used by social services and child services. My daughter has come to their attention due to the violence of the father of her child.
The private firms use the same tactics as the abusers from the institutions. if they see a young girl has little family support they manipulate them, not for abuse but as a commodity to make money.
Due to the nature of our daughters relationship with her partner we were against then seeing each other due to his controlling nature and propensity to violence.

We became somewhat estranged which i will forever regret!

My wife kept contact and she had the baby and from that moment on our daughter has been treated like a criminal and our grandson a pawn in a money making game. Like the institutions they seek out youngsters they think have little family support and then they manipulate them with false threats and fear of losing their baby..A huge fear!!
We have fought them "tooth and nail" for the last 6 months. If we didn't they would have taken huge liberties as they did for the first 6 months. I expect that firm, next step, have earned tens of thousands of pounds for unneeded care packages and our daughter made to feel like a criminal and in permanent fear.

Its All a Scam Committed Against The Working Class

Employ a lawyer at the earliest opportunity especially when social services care providers tell you you don't need one.
Don't believe them when they tell you social services may take your child.
Look at the facts in the cold light of day. try to quell the natural fear because that's what they use to manipulate you.
It seems to me that even having nationalist views can make you a target of social services
This could be the biggest fight of your life..remain united and don't let them divide you as they did with my family.

Working Class Communities

Look what has happened all around the UK with these private firms. They have allowed thousands of children to be abused by religious fundamentalist grooming gangs. It's girls this time. Not in institutions, but in the community. It was known it was going on yet the blame was put on the young girls by both their abusers and those supposed to care for them. It was and still is being hidden. the true extent is horrific and the implications huge.
Working class culture and traditional working class communities are being irradicated and replaced. Look around you. We are "Surplus to requirements" and so they have commodified us and are selling us and our kids to the highest bidder

We Need To Fight Back

Decentralisation, Blockchain technology and crypto are our weapons..

Thanks for reading steemians and thanks as always to @familyprotection for this forum that helps us unite and fight back....

Steem On


40 years of hurt would finish most people off but you made it, well done.

I understand your willingness to fight tooth and nail as you know first hand what the system is capable of.

I do believe things will change if we keep shining a light on all the darkness, especially on the Blockchain where cover ups are impossible.

Thank you for your words..They have made me stronger..While i wa sa broken drug addict they could do as they wished..Not anymore

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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It seems to me that even having nationalist views can make you a target of social services

What a bizzaro world we live in. Any hint of nationalism or patriotism and suddenly you may be considered an unfit parent. World's gone nutz. @ironshield

Yes, it is bizarre ... The wealthy want a world without borders while they live on remote islands or gated communities..They don't suffer from the policies they create so they can make more money, quicker...

It's obscene!!

Thanks for the report and analysis on this. I think the advice you have given to others is also very very solid. Good luck to you and your family going forward.

Thank you. I try to be honest and tell others where i went wrong.. They are basically selling our children. They have commodified everything about working class culture in my view.

If we stick together and share our experiences we become stronger!!

Have a great day.....

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