MY VIDEO GIFT TO @familyprotection

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Today is The Kids' Holiday!

I can't pass by this day cause I'm a Mom, and I hope I'm a part of the wondeful Steemit community @familyprotection.

2 weeks ago I had an idea of congratulation of the community, its founders and members by creating a special video. It was a real challenge for me cause I had no experience and skills in this question-)
But my wish was stronger than my doubts, and I started to study the programms for making it.

Some days ago I saw another video post in the community, it was really great, but I was disappointed because my idea was about to fail.

I was afraid people would consider MY video as plagiarism of another person's idea.

But when people reject from their own desires because of different circumstances, it's strange and even stupid, I know my idea was really mine, and my wish was still strong, so I decided to finish my project, moreover it was half done already.

SO, here it's!

Some days of thinking, some days of studying the PC program and many night hours of tryings to use it and realize my idea-)

I tried to show how much I appreciate and love our community, how great mission it completes, and how kindhearted its founders are!

Please, don't judge it too much because it's my FIRST experience in this sphere!

And I really hope, Mark and Linda don't mind using their photos!!

Happy KIDS Holiday, my dear friends!

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Such a BEAUTIFUL job @taliakerch !
Thank-you for putting this together in honor of @familyprotection

Linda, thanks for leaving a comment!

I'm happy the community likes my gift!
it's the best award for me-)
I tried to bring you and other community members some positive mood.

Your and Mark's devotion to this idea is inspiring!

Thank you for your hard job every day!

Thank-you @taliakerch for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.
----- "Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families. -----

(If you feel that our community has brought more rewards and attention to this post, please consider contributing a portion of those rewards back to our cause.)

THANK YOU, friends!

Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!

I love your approach.

I love it because it brightens up our messages and leaves you feeling happy about a very sad subject.

Thank you for being an important part of this community.

Together we are unstoppable.

Thank you, Mark!

For your kind words and for this comment!
I was waiting for your and Linda's opinion the most-)

The theme is really very terrible, and I had different ideas of how to describe it, and decided to stay positive and give a ray of hope and assurance that we can overcome this evil if we're united and decisive.

Thank you for the great job you do!

beautiful taliakerch! Somehow you manage to blend a horror story with beauty,. and pulled it off! Lovely gift to mark and linda and everyone involved <3

thank you for kind words!
but i was about to fail after watching your video-)

What a beautiful video and @familyprotection @markwhittam and @canadiancoconut totally deserve this.
Amazing job @taliakerch and thank you.

You have a great video!!! I like it! Very good image transition! (^_^)
I like what transition wants to express... I feel the emotion inside while you are doing it! Congrats on the video image transition!!!

tnank you!!)

Maladyets! Ochen korosho. Very glad you took the chance and made this video. Well done!


i adore your Russian-))

Atlichna. Ya govoryoo choot-choot, potomooo-shto ya zheel chereyez tree myesets neskulko lyet nazat, na Luganske (na Ookrainye.)

Paka, moya novaya padrooga!

very cool!!-))
Russian is copmplicated to study, right?

Not too bad as English!

I think the guys all appreciate the video. It's quite obvious that some good effort was put into it. I won't speak for the guys so... On behalf of me and myself... It is wonderful

thank you!
it was rather hard for me, but I like the result, it looks not bad-)

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.

Your video highlights family protection and it is a very important message. Wish more people would take notice.

A beautiful Tribute, @taliakerch! Well done. Resteemed.

since I started in steemit I have followed closely all your publications and I do not know if I have thanked you for giving voice to those who can not scream their sufferings

thank you for attention!

Thank you for putting this up for @familyprotection. I believe the community loves it a lot

someone said so right that hardwork always payss off and taliakerch your post is perfect example keep it up 😍

Buenas tardes excelente post. Saludos desde Venezuela. La invitó visitar mi blog hasta luego

Buenos dí[email protected], excelente trabajo, muy brillante en honor de @familyprotection