You Might Just Be Approaching CPS wrongly, Scout for Good Advice, and that might just be gold for you.!

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One thing I have come to hold strongly is to never trust a court appointed lawyer, but we should rather take charge of our cases and be very involved even though you are capable of retaining a lawyer of your own, be deep into your defense and let the lawyer be a source of back up. Back then, I had a friend who lived very far away from me, whom I was asking advice from and who helped me with advice. Although it was pretty late at the time because I was late in asking for help. Not withstanding I would share the email conversation here, hoping people would learn something precious from it, hoping some one would be in a better state and don't take a wrong turn. Below are the emails

MY Friend's Email 1

Your attorney who advised you to cancel guardianship should probably be sued for malpractice… he helped DCS fool you into thinking that cancelling the guardianship was advantageous… you might want to go look for a legal malpractice attorney in another county… someone who isn’t friends with that attorney who harmed you and your grandchildren. If you want your side of the story told in court the way to do it is to create legal documents such as the declaration and objections/corrections statements, you need to do that to get your side of the story into the court record. See if you can get the guardianship cancellation reversed. They took your grandchildren because their mother is in prison and unable to rescue them from adoption. Easy adoption bonus money for your state… when a parent is helpless to even try to get them back. 

My reply 1

 Thank you for the advice I did right up a objection and correction statement regarding every untold lie that was reported and a declarations of fact.
But I don’t know who to give it to. I had a one day attorney that the judge ask to represent us and I had a cut feeling but I trusted his good faith . I have no money left after hiring a attorney just recently and paying the upfront lawyer fees he turned out to be fraudulent. Not real. So know I feel loss and stuck I just found out there’s a hearing tomorrow how do I end this .It’s hurting me deeply . I don’t know who to trust or who to turn to that’s willing to hear my side of this case . 

My Friend's Email 2

There are few attorneys that do an honest, good job of defending anyone in CPS cases – too many of them are more loyal to the counties that pay them. So we’re in the unique situation of having to learn to defend ourselves! Each one of us must learn to be our own legal help. Yes, get an attorney if you can afford one – but be prepared to take your evidence to the judge via creating your own legal documents. Give the documents to your attorney if you have one. You must have a copy for every party to the case (judge, county’s attorney, your daughter’s attorney, and anyone else – guardian ad litem, etc…) and the document should be inserted into the case file through the county clerk’s office before court – so the judge has time to read it. I’m really so sorry you and your grandchildren are going through this – it seems like they’re railroading you with false accusations so they can get your grandchildren into adoption. 

All she wrote to me was the truth, at the time I did all i can do, I tried all my best to get my dear grand children back. My response to my predicament got me strong, and I was ready that despite my lack of finance, I won't allow anything similar to happen to anyone around me, and I would get my grandchildren back no matter what. That is the path I have chosen since then now, and I know I will see my kids again. I would write about the path I chose along the way, it is a long term path but its just not for my grandchildren anymore, but for every other family that is oppressed and children that are legally stolen from their home.

Thank you to everyone who reads through my story path, and may God richly bless you all. 


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

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It is true, not all of us have the possibility of hiring a private lawyer and those of the court in many opportunities omit important information