My Final Resolution, Where It All Led Me To.

A lot happened back then and that has pushed me to highest length not just for myself but for everyone in the future. Below was the last email I sent to my friend before heading to grabbing a degree in law, I am still at it at this moment, but it has been good. The whole issue led me to a path I never foresaw, from all my ignorance to a great strife of knowing the law in all its form, family law.

Back then, I had everyone who knew me and my grandchildren to write me a letter of recommendation and Have it notarized. I hid myself in a dark closet when they wrongfully took the children. I kept myself in total confinement shutting everyone out and everything out of my life for four weeks of blaming myself . I cried endlessly day and night I couldn’t eat and hardly drank. 
It took a old good friend to wake me up and fight the truth and do it for the children. He threw me in the shower and told me no more. I was ready to leave this world because they took what means deeply to me within my heart and soul, I felt useless and ashamed that I didn’t protect them from the two strangers that kidnapped them from their happy stable home.
I was glad my old friend raffled me up cause it pissed me off but it made me stronger, I promised myself It will not prevail I won’t let them win. Those two beautiful babies are not their possessions, they are my gift from above. And I will not stop till this is put to a end. 
I have been studying for months educating myself in family law. I'm going to college and working on my Bachelor’s degree, for my age, people thought I was being absurd. I want to be a lawyer that for those who need help and cannot afford attorney fees . Because I have seen so many family’s loose their children because they couldn’t afford to hire an attorney. And I don’t mean pro Bono or legal aid, i mean something bigger. I have began to make friend with people who are flocking the same route and younger friends who already going into the legal world. This is my goal and I have the determination to make it happen . Amen. 
I look at My Case as my first case of representing my self . I know there is a lot of good attorneys out here. I agree after 7months of dealing with three different episodes of fake or fraudulent lawyers costing me my grandchildren and all the little cash I had left. I come to the conclusion the best defense is the one who knows the truth in regards to our case and with knowledge and faith I will do my best.. For tomorrow is my turn in court to speak out what is right and best for our children. I will speak the Truth. Pray for us as we will pray for your family__End.

That is the last mail I sent my friend and that would be the last I am sharing on this issue, its been long, but I feel all the emotions I felt back then. Thank you everyone, I am happy to know my tragedy has led me to do something bigger than just me, I hope to see my grandchildren again with me, I am working on it everyday.


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That is a pleasant twist to this story that I didn't expect.
Good for you, taking the intiative to get your law degree,
and not taking crap sitting down and giving up!

@markwhittam and I, started @familyprotection to bring awareness to these problems, along with some solutions,
PLUS we are raising crypto-currency funds to help families in crisis who will need a GOOD LAWYER like you will become!
We will probably discover other ways to help families outside of getting them an honest and good lawyer, and those strategies are emerging as time goes on.

Thank-you for doing what you can to help others too. And I pray that you will get your precious grandchildren back in your care very soon.

Sorry you had to pass through these many fraudulent attorneys, you are simply very courageous to have let all that happened to you become a fuel to your ambition to help not just your kids but also others who might pass through what you experienced. I have not seen such resolutions before, You are simply awesome and I am positive that you will get to see your kids again.🙏

To be able to continue fighting after all that, you are indeed a strong person. I pray that very soon you will be reunited. Until then be strong.

Many of us chose professions with the aim of helping people who go through the same thing that we suffer, I hope the resolution is in their favor