A GrandMa's Tears, CPS are the ones kidnapping and abusing our children. (My Story).

Hello everyone. I’m the Maternal grandmother of two children age three and age five. me and my spouse has been raising our grandchildren since thier births. 5years we had full legal permanent Guardianship on both kids since their births, we love them beyond words can tell, same way we loved our daughther so dearly. I can't ever come to terms with the fact they are gone, kidnapped without a cause.. Recently my daughter, the biological mother of our grandchildren, was incarcerated to prison. On Aug.13,2016 a caseworker came and wrongfully invaded our home. She search our private home and she didn’t have any documentation or a warrant. A local police officer escorted and helped taking our grandchildren away.

Since this date we made several phone calls to CPS and we never received any calls back. Several weeks to this date we received a quick call from a supervisor who advised us to be in court at ten am. Before we could ask her any ? she hung up. We arrived to court early and wanted to make sure we’re at the right court room. As we head upstairs two women approached us and said the meeting is over. They had a televised hearing without us with just my daughter, the mother of the children. This was unfair we felt left out still no info of what was happening here..

We enter the courtroom and sit down. It was unbelievable – we didn’t understand any of it. The judge appointed us a attorney for that day. And we went into a conference room and the attorney advised us to go downstairs to terminate our guardianship and said it would help us adopt the children later on and keep us off a black list. So we did. This took place Sept 18, 2016 and that’s the last time we heard from anyone from (DCS). CPS/DCS has not made any effort to contact us about court hearing any kind of documents regarding this case.

They went after my daughter. For child abandonment. 4 months we receive a copy of the petition from an informant and all of what I read about the grandparents and the welfare of the children been nothing but false fabrication on the caseworker. She reported when she arrived on Aug.13, 2016 she reported the children were home alone with no adult supervision. small child taking care of her sibling. This was in fact a lie. … And it keeps continuing to get bigger as I read the Dependency report. That a lot of allegations and accusations regarding to us. The grandparents. They’re making us look like really bad grandparents: neglect, abuse, physical and emotional. When does this stop and how can I stop these heinous acts of hearsay, of false fabrication of untrue reports. They are using to destroy us ..

I have been a Daycare provider for 15 years. I never had not one complaint during fifteen years nor have we had any complaints the last 5 years regarding the welfare of our grandchildren. I do need help. Cause I do have documentation that all the untrue statements and reports they submitted I can prove they’re all wrong. I just don’t know where or who to trust. My last attorney was fake. Took a lot of money from us and we found out he was fraud. Anyways we faced all of this and we did nothing wrong. We would never hurt or harm our grandchildren.

They’re the ones that hurt our grandchildren the night they removed them traumatizing them. They were scared, confused, alone, screaming. Upset. angry. it was horrible. They have have harmed them to the extent I no longer recognize my grandchildren the last time I saw them. Too touching to talk about at the moment. This is what we faced by predators invading our private home without a cause. Kidnapped most definitely. I am in tears as I write this post, I just can't believe I lost my grandchildren. Where are they, what are they doing, what are they thinking, all this bring me more tears.

Thanks for reading my side of the truth of this ongoing wickedness and crimes the CPS have been involved in for a long time.


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

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What a horribly unjust situation. I am so, so sorry that this happened to you and your precious grandchildren.
These Social Workers are simply evil.

What State/Province/Country do you live in?

Hello canadian-coconut, thanks. Indeed, they are very wicked and that is all they stand for, this happens to families all over America. I am presently in Arizona.

A heart breaking story. It's disgusting how these CPS characters carry out their "duties".

I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family have had to go through this.
And thank you for admitting that you didn't understand. I also find the legals really difficult to get my head around.

Yes, at that time I was very ignorant of many things. But my grand children have pushed me strong to go beyond the limits I faced.

It is very sad to know what is happening and even if you do not believe it, there are still serious lawyers, there are NGOs that provide them for low cost or free, they are not from the state

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