"What's the one thing you have lost - or would be afraid to lose - which would limit (or has already limited) your personal Freedom?"

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Will there be bread in my oven when they come,
lovingly baked from all organic ingredients
and kneaded by my own hands,
the aroma filling my house for them to wonder at?
Will I have cleaned the floors recently enough
that they won’t see I have a dog
that is not quite housebroken?
Will their report say “fecal material observed in laundry room”
which is where he goes for some privacy while he poops?
Will they damn me for my soggy chicken coop
or my un-mowed grass, now mostly beautiful wildflowers?
Will the kefir culturing in the kitchen cabinet
help me or harm me?
Will they rifle through my stuff looking for contraband?
Will they find it?

Is posting this dangerous for me?

I am the mother of a young man who was poisoned by western medicine for many years beginning at such a young age that he has been unable to sit or stand erect for over four years now. Thinking I was doing something good, I filed for disability for him. For a few years this worked out nicely. There was almost enough money coming in to cover the costs of a meditation coach, a yoga therapist, a psychotherapist and a medical intuitive to try to heal him. It was working. Sounds good, right?

Knowing that it was the meds that did this to him, I eschewed continuing with western medical treatments as much as possible. But now and then, considering his very poor condition, there is no way to avoid western medical intervention. And as a disabled person he is subject to heightened scrutiny.

It’s always a medical professional who calls Adult Protective Services, usually after we refuse a flu vaccine or a dangerous, invasive and expensive treatment. Each time has resulted in a “non-open” determination from the caseworker. So far, the caseworkers have been able to see that my son's needs are well taken care of by his loving and hard working mother. They can see that he himself is capable of making his own decisions about treatments and healing protocols. So far...

But new-to-us medical professionals can’t see this. They see a patient who is not getting their help, not a man who can make his own choices. They see extreme illness, not medically induced injury. They see neglect not the fresh baked bread or homemade ferments. And the new doctors call APS.

For a few years my son had a doctor who supported what we were trying to do. This doctor knew us from before the prednisone and the onslaught of other meds prescribed to an eight year old to treat his Crohn’s disease. He could see that we were making slow but significant progress healing my son’s broken body and spirit. This doctor helped enormously, but did not interfere. Alas, all things must come to an end, and the good doctor retired.

There is much more to this story - much, much more. I am telling it on Steem in bits and pieces. Let me wrap this piece up.

We recently started with yet another new doctor. This doctor is showing the signs.

At present, the thing I most fear losing is our privacy. And with it, our medical freedom. We are all in danger of losing both of these.

This is my entry for
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you this piece of my story. I just hope I we are safe having done so.


Gosh @owasco... feeling for you. I admire what you are doing, truly showing you are so caring and loving and willing to do what it takes to nurture and care for your son. The crackdown in US and here is truly frightening and totally is making us fear we will lose the things with a capacity to heal when western medicines have more than failed. A beautifully put together post with the poem at the start. Much love to you, and may you never truly lose your privacy.

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I'm reminded of @trucklife-family's discussion of the question and now I understand her better.

Even if we lose so much privacy that we are afraid in our own homes (which I tried to depict in the poem), or a prisoner who has lost everything, we have privacy in our thoughts. If that is lost, we have nothing.

I remember a number of people who cited loss of privacy as a big fear. It is coming at us first through the medical mill machine. We are being FORCED to follow a specific and toxic medical model. Many of us have already had our minds poisoned against medical freedom, our thoughts have been infiltrated. We are an experiment, it's the eugenicists. They never went away, they went underground and grew enormously in power.

Oh for goodness sake here I am freewriting.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this, you are a very strong and loving mother that is so evident in you words and the amount of passion within them. I am not sure what to say to you, it is obvious you are doing all that you can and from a place of love, that is the very best than any mother can do. Thank you for sharing this with us xxx

Thank you for receiving it so kindly. It was scary to post I must say. It definitely is a story I tend to keep to myself, only my closest friends even know I have this blessing in my life. And it is a blessing. Don't be sorry for me! Rejoice instead! I'd much rather that.
Consider supporting organizations that are fighting for us in court, because this shit is getting real. If mandatory vaccines become law, we are sunk.
Hey I thought of your piece on this topic. I realize the privacy of my home includes privacy in my head, and the loss of that is your greatest fear, or a related chunk of it. When your thoughts are no longer yours, you've lost everything. A few people spoke of losses of privacy I seem to remember.
Anyway, thank you so much for your thoughts.

All human kind should have the right for medicine and access to health facility. Wish the best happened for you. God bless you 🙏

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Thank you! I wish the same for you.

That would be one of my biggest fears. Loss of freedom to choose medical treatments. I hope that things don't reach that point for you.

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The assault on our medical freedom is well underway. Mandatory vaccination is sweeping the USA. If we lose that battle we are sunk. Push back on this. Send money if you can. I send to Chilldren's health defense and I just sent $ to this guy https://ohioamf.org/blog/news/2019/05/01/north-carolina-attorney-alan-phillips-jailed-for-maintaining-attorney-client-privilege/

Love the poem (identify with it), especially is it dangerous even to post this, and hate what happened to your son, but love your proactive approach and courage in resisting more medical *intervention from doctors who think like plumbers following a manual, not like people driven by scientific curiosity and a passion for healing. And how sad is this: This doctor helped enormously, but did not interfere. Alas, all things must come to an end, and the good doctor retired.
Bless you! I can well believe there is "much, much" more to tell, and I'm glad you're getting it out, and hoping it goes beyond Steemit.

Thanks dahlink! mwah!