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We have said many times, that there are still people, who believe CPS and believe all the horror stories are lies. CPS operates on the basis of the law, there is no smoke without fire, they say. If you all watch the video - you will understand, that the law is out of the question. Video in Russian, I will translate it for you. Be sure to watch the video!!!!

At the beginning of the public commissioner for family protection in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region Olga Branets talks about the tragedy in the family. Last year, in a large family, a little boy found a candle, played with it, as a result of his clothes caught fire, he received burns. Parents called an ambulance, they reported to the police and of course the turn came to CPS. CPS forced mom to write a "voluntary" application for the placement of all children in the hospital, she was pregnant at that time. Dad was also in the hospital at that time. Interestingly, all the children were placed in different hospitals, so the pregnant woman had to travel every day to four different places. At this time the CPS has applied to the court for restriction of parental rights. CPS lost the court, but despite this refused to return the children to the family.


1:36 of the video we see as a lawyer of the public organization for the protection of the family together with the father comes to CPS and asked, on what basis the CPS does not give children. The CPS officer responds, that there is no court decision. The representative of the public organization for the protection of the family presents the court's decision, but the CPS says, that the court's decision allegedly did not come into force and they will continue to understand the situation, though it is unclear on what basis. The CPS employee said, that they will give children after the court of second instance. When a lawyer asked, on what basis CPS seized the children, the CPS employee answers, that they did not take the children, but only placed them in the hospital on the basis of an application from their parents. "But because the parents withdrew the application!" says a lawyer . This CPS employee says: we didn't take the children, as we can to get them back? A vicious circle, isn't it???

Further, the CPS employee says, that they do not mind that the parents took the children. "Then give permission or write a paper, that you do not mind," says the father, because to pick up the children, a written consent of guardianship is required. And here the employee of CPS speaks - we can't give such permission. As a result, the CPS employee agrees to write permission, but immediately says, "I will not write anything, you can wait as long as you want." On the question of "why", the parents received a brilliant answer from a member of the CPS - I don't have time now, I have another job. Although parents came on visiting days. Then we hear the bickering. The CPS employee said, they did not mind, that the children come into the family, but the dispensation he now would not write. From the desire of parents do not happen instantly - that's his word.

It is a pity, that I can not fully translate the video so, that you understand and hear all the indifference, rudeness of CPS. As a result, only thanks to the lawyer and the public organization for the protection of the family, the children returned to the family. Well, is there anyone left who believes, that the CPS operates on the basis of the law???

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